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    Spain trip

    This thought just crossed my mind a couple days ago, but now, further investigation has me leaning towards doing it. This will be centered around the first European round of WorldSBK at Jerez, 27-28-29 March 2020. Going to a motorcycle race on a motorcycle just seems like the right thing to do...
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    Documentary on Dani Pedrosa

    I ran across this excellent documentary about Dani Pedrosa, produced after his retirement from MotoGP last year.
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    22 Sideroad Halton Hills

    This is the continuation of Old School Road into Glen Williams (Georgetown). Fresh chipseal with lots of loose gravel. No warning, no loose-gravel signs. From the Winston Churchill junction, it's visible, but from the Glen Williams end, it starts in the middle of a corner. I didn't go down, but...
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    The non-crash that could have been

    Me: Southbound on a rural road, 80 km/h speed limit, approaching an intersection that had a stop sign for the other direction with none in my direction. Something about the black Hyundai Santa Fe approaching from the east towards that stop sign tripped my spidey sense. The car stopped at the...
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    The next race bike

    After 22 years on my FZR400, I am planning to retire it at the end of this season. (I'm not selling it ... it will look just fine sitting in front of a wall of trophies, and I'd still like to keep it in ready-to-ride condition and perhaps do a couple of practice sessions per year on it.) I just...
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    Eastern Ontario Sat 7 Jul

    It looks like we will finally be getting a break from the heat wave this weekend, and it's not a race weekend. So, here's the plan ... The bike goes to Bancroft in the van Saturday morning bright and early, I'd like to be there for 9:30 AM although reality might dictate it being slightly later...
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    Autodrome St-Eustache closing

    2019 will be the last season for motorsports there. Property was sold to the city and HydroQuebec jointly ... sounds like HydroQuebec wants to build a facility of some sort there.
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    Maintaining the fleet

    Having a fleet means there has to be "the white board". Might as well be here. Street FZR400, 80500 km (original build thread - read the sticky thread about photobucket pics) Things that are DONE - Rear tire has a...
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    Photobucket hosting issues

    Photobucket's decision to not allow remote linking of photos a few months ago has broken a great many build threads, here and elsewhere. There is now a work-around. For Firefox, add the following plug-in: For Google...
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    Use your head!

    This is why there are rules about how to exit and enter the track - and why you respect the blend line. Think about what's happening behind you. Riders meetings at RACE and SOAR stress...
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    Almost crash ...

    I came reeeeeal close to hitting a motorcyclist with my van today. How so? Location (I was about where the blue car is in streetview and heading for the stop sign the same direction as that car)...
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    Using Firefox and-or Thunderbird? Update it - security vulnerability found and fixed

    If you are using Firefox, a security vulnerability was identified yesterday, and the fix just came out an hour or so ago. Press the menu button (3 horizontal bars) in top right, press "?" at the bottom of the menu that pops up, press "About Firefox". This will tell you what version you have and...
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    Unresponsive script problems

    Seems that a lot of vBulletin forums are having this same issue. Almost every time you open a page, the browser stops, and after a delay, you get an "unresponsive script" message, and it presents options to continue, debug, or stop the script. It appears to come from an advertising-related...
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    Crossing the blend line

    In rider's meeting (at well organized events) there's always that discussion about "crossing the blend line" ... in short ... DON'T. And just because you get to the end of the blend line doesn't mean it's a good idea to cut across the track. Keep going on that side of the track and SPEED UP...
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    Remembering a maritime tragedy

    40 years ago ...
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    PSA: Check / safety wire your GoPro mounts

    I hit a bouncing GoPro at the beginning of the back straightaway at Grand Bend on Saturday ... It had come off a bike that was a couple positions ahead, bounced off the bike between us (that rider didn't even see or feel it). I saw it coming but couldn't do anything about it, and smacked it with...
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    Article about a forum member

    This is one of our own. Congrats on getting published!
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    Will the Great Lakes freeze over?

    These sites update every day ... 86% frozen over as of 1 March Peak ice coverage so far this winter was 88% on Feb 13. That's the highest in 20...
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    Glitches when posting

    Occasionally I'm getting a "500 - Internal Server Error", and sometimes when editing a post, I'm getting "VBulletin - The message that you have entered is too short" when it clearly isn't. It seems to not like cut-and-paste.
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    FZR400 winter overhaul

    First, some inspiration. This is my vintage race bike,1989 Yamaha FZR400. And this is the spare bike sitting in an empty workshop ... ... with an empty workbench! (the top of it, anyhow) Odometer at time of project History This bike was originally from the USA. The original owner...

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