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  1. Trials

    Canned audience noise at televised ball park games

    The stadium is empty! wtf do we need the cheering crowd soundtrack for, what idiot thought they needed to add it, and :LOL: how long have they been adding that?
  2. Trials

    FIM Approved Helmets ⛑
  3. Trials

    Web page performance

    You guys really need to run a web page performance test some time :| Pingdom Tools Is the site owned by face book or something?
  4. Trials

    TY350 1986 or 7 front brake cable

    Trials submitted a new listing: TY350 1986 or 7 front brake cable - TY350 1986 or 7 front brake cable Learn more about this listing...
  5. Trials

    Brantford dirt rider passes

    One of our ATA members was apparently killed in a motocross accident the other day, RIP Peter Venczel you will be missed :(
  6. Trials

    Belleville flat track August 17

    (y) looks like fun, Belleville is a half mile track, they can really let it go!
  7. Trials

    Motorcycle Repair Courses - night

    I went to some of these years ago and it was fun, if you find more post them up think I seen 2 more on the same site. Intro. to Motorcycle Repair
  8. Trials

    RC - Radio Controlled Hobbyshop

    Are we allowed to have an RC thread here anybody into radio controlled stuff I have a 1 meter sailboat and a Tiger tank, but check this out! This is a 200cc radial engine for a model airplane :cool: builders site has some fly video Radial Engines for sale, Jacobs RC Radial Engines | Airen...
  9. Trials

    Wild parsnip - poisonous invasive plant warning

    Might be old news for some but in the interest of public safety: If you see these invasive plants showing up along the side of the roadways and you will soon if not already :/ Do not touch them. Treat it as you would poison ivy. The juice from the stems and leaves of this plant can be...
  10. Trials

    This is cool, electric MX in water park!

    That one scene also begs the question Just how waterproof are electric bikes anyway? Can I ride it under water? <- That would be very cool!
  11. Trials

    Ya Travis!

    Nice jump #1 (y)
  12. Trials

    Trials venue near Perth ON

    Setting up sections on Woody's Cycle Shop property tomorrow if anybody cares to come out and assist. Set-up is in support of non-sanctioned events and training courses scheduled to be hosted there over the next few weeks Events | Woody's Cycles
  13. Trials

    Motorcycle Catchers

    Ya, believe it or not catching flying motorcycles is a thing :I anybody else into it? Now you've got some place to post photos or video of your failures or achievements :D [video=youtube_share;EyqJ7_NKITc]
  14. Trials

    Rules for helmets on airplane

    What's the best way to transport a 1 pound open face indoor trials helmet during international air travel, I can't find it anywhere: - in your luggage - as carry-on - on your head
  15. Trials

    Winter Dog Houses

    Hi all, just came to my attention today that some people have K9's that stay out doors for various reasons and struggle with providing an adequate winter shelter, just wanted to pass along a suggestion: Water bed heater + one or two of the 'tube' type waterbed bladders :grommit: provides an...
  16. Trials

    ABS promotion or ABS deception?

    I'm taking this to a new thread rather then pollute somebody else's thread, let me just say first off I am not for or against motorcycle ABS provided it works, but so far everything I see being demonstrated as ABS at work is a complete lie. This one for example is an absurdly contrived...
  17. Trials

    How do we end this insanity

    Hi all, I joined this site just now to gain some perspective on how we might address the outrageous insurance rates motorcycles are subjected to in this provence. I just did a quick calculation to determine that my road bike insurance premiums work out to in excess of 2 dollars per kilometre...

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