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    COVID-19 potential restrictions on riding?

    Likelihood of this happening if we're on lockdown like some other countries/states are doing? Thoughts? Ease my mind please.
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    Allstate Insurance Questionnaire (at Renewal)

    Is this mandatory to fill out? I've been an Allstate customer for about 4 years and I received the questionnaire by mail 1 year after my policy, and now again 3 years later. I filled it out the first time and returned. It asks for information regarding how many kms you've driven for each...
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    Road rage

    This video is a good reminder of why it's better to be the bigger person and curb your anger to avoid a road rage incident while on a bike. You never know what the other guy is capable of. Apparently this was in Brazil, but pretty insane.
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    Keanu Reeve's Motorcycle Collection

    Appreciating the Yorkville shoutout. LOL.
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    Cop in a skate park

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    Castrol Grand Prix 10w40 Motrocycle Oil -

    Costco sells the 12L boxes (1L x 12) for $65. They have a Masterpass promo that gives you $20 off $100 or more, so if you add a $35 filler item or purchase two boxes you'll get the discount. It will bring the price per litre to be cheaper than any other retailer. I ordered last week and received...
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    Advice needed – What to request in a disclosure

    I requested a disclosure by filling in the form that came along with the court date (sent via email). I got a response with only the details of exactly what I had sent them (court date, room and that it was for speeding), along with a note that if I want more details I'll need to tell them...
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    June 2nd - Rider down on 401 West midway between Bowmanville & Belleville

    Not sure where exactly but this morning at around 12:30 riding to Prince Edward County there was an accident involving a rider which had all lanes closed. Looks like it had happened soon before I passed by in the opposite Eastbound lanes. There was a helmet laying on the ground in the middle...
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    CHP officer hits a motorcyclist
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    Not worth it
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    Luckiest Rider

    I've ever seen. Watched it a few times in slow motion and there were so many parts of that truck that he should have got tangled up in.
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    Street Justice in France – Hit and Run SPOILER: For those wondering what's happening at the end. The police escorted santa to the police station to give his statement since he got it all on camera.
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    2-3 day trip w/ camping - need ideas

    Looking to head out mid week. Passport being renewed so need to stick to Canada. I did Quebec last year which was a great ride. Thinking maybe again, but open to other ideas. Routes, campsites, etc. appreciated. Thanks.
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    Stunt rider dies filming Deadpool 2 RIP. Will be interesting to hear what exactly went wrong. Sounds like she went full throttle into the building...
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    The Motorrad Shop

    10/10. After having less than stellar experiences with dealerships prior and hearing nothing but good things from other veterans in the field, I brought my '15 GS 1200 Adventure in for a modified 20k service including valve check/adjustment, tire change, etc. I was not disappointed! Extremely...
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    Replaced rear rotor and pads - Weak brakes & hot rotor

    Over the weekend I finally got around to replacing my rear worn out rotor and pads on my K4 GSXR. Brand new OEM Suzuki rotor with EBC pads. I cleaned the calliper pistons, removed some of the brake fluid with a syringe from the reservoir before compressing the pistons and installing the new...
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    Cut off
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    Horizontally raining bikes Oil on the track.
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    PSA – Don't be a squid
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    Honda created a motorcycle that self balances and follows you like a dog

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