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  1. Evoex

    Anyone in Kingston?

  2. Evoex

    Justin Time

    Liberals taxing your equity? :whistle:
  3. Evoex

    Fortnine (website) AMAA

    Is it? 🤔
  4. Evoex

    600 motorcycle insurance for M driver

    Just get one of these. CBR650R
  5. Evoex

    Fortnine (website) AMAA

  6. Evoex

    132km/h sunday ride busted

    its a coffee table until I decide what to do with it
  7. Evoex

    132km/h sunday ride busted

    Yep, Grom life can relate.
  8. Evoex

    Zach Reviews'84 RZ350

  9. Evoex

    Fortnine: Road Rage

  10. Evoex


    the replies are glorious.
  11. Evoex

    Got My First Bike!

    Cops will hand you one hell of a reality check, no one wants to be that person or see anyone else get one.
  12. Evoex

    Anxiety about track school

  13. Evoex

    Anxiety about track school

    Slow is fast. Keep at it!
  14. Evoex

    Temporarily - M1 not required for motorcycle M2 course

    4 people classes? Sheesh. Did 20 at Shannonville last weekend.
  15. Evoex


  16. Evoex

    2020 Auto Insurnace renewals

    She was insured elsewhere.
  17. Evoex

    Harley Riders

    Cheap, foreign bikes? /checks purchase order on s1kXR. :ROFLMAO:
  18. Evoex

    Hit 100.000 KMS Ducati Diavel

    Evo says a quick prayer to the euro bike gods. 🙏🏼
  19. Evoex

    132km/h sunday ride busted

    1) no

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