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    Fair sale price for this 2012 Street Triple R?

    Hello all, Just looking for additional opinions on this bike. Its at 44,000km, currently inquiring with the owner if the 40K service was done. Is this priced a little high for the considered mileage...
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    Bleed screw leak

    Hey guys! I just changed my brake pads and brake oil on my FZ09. My first DIY job on a motorcycle. I notice the slightest leak of oil (perhaps enough to just cover the tip of your pinky finger) from my front brake master cylinder bleed screw and rear brake bleed screw. Just as i put the...
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    Tire crack!

    So i have brand new Sportmax Q3 tires on the bike. Less than 100km ridden on them. When i parked my motorcycle this morning I randomly decided to inspect my rear tire quickly and noticed a artificial 'crack' about 1cm or less in length. Its not deep by any means, but still a cause of concern for...
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    Minor Motorcycle Accident.

    Dropped my bike making a turn in a parking lot this morning (dont ask). Im super livid at myself. Front brake lever is broken, bike wont start, my electronic screen wont register that im in first or neutral gear. I cant even feel my bike pop into first or neutral. Its weird because the bike...
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    So I have a used 2014 FZ09 i bought from a dealership. I've noticed the coolant level is close to the minimum mark. I want to top it off with some coolant I buy online, im just not sure two different brands of coolant being mixed will be detrimental for any reason whatsoever? I'm not sure if the...
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    New rider!

    Hi all! Bought a sweeeet FZ09 in January. Absolutely cant wait to ride! My first bike purchased and new (beginner) to this forum!

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