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    Technicality Question: Is it legal to ride a bike with the signed over registration?

    So here is my question. I just bought a bike. I have insurance for it already, I have a safety cert for it, plates and valid sticker off my old bike, and I have the signed over ownership with my sig on it. I want to know if I can ride that bike now. Not forever, but just around the block...
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    Vintage Insurance - Fleet Discount??

    Hey guys, Just wanted to throw this out to the hive mind and see what it comes back with. A few years ago (back in the good old days) I was told that it was possible if you insured a few vintage bikes that once you paid real insurance money for the main bike, additional ones were only a...
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    Custom 1983 XV500 - Build recap

    Hey guys, I spent the last 2 years building this bike. Its up for sale now, but I am in no rush, so that means I will probably be doing stuff to it this winter (this project never ends - just the way I like it). Here is a quick recap of the build. The full show is also available HERE on my...
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    1978 CB550K Restomod

    I picked up a non-running (but complete) 78 CB550 a few years ago. I intend it to be my wifes bike when I finish it. What I want to do is rebuild/refresh it, and maybe do a very mild restomod to it. The plan is to get it to run, then when I can confirm that it doesn't sound like a bucket of...
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    Hi from downtown Toronto

    Hey everyone! I am an engineer living in East York. I have a shop that I build/tinker/restore bikes from in my off-time (not my day job). I've been riding for 3 years. My current ride is a completely custom XV500 (that happens to be for sale HERE) and I am working on restomodding a 1978 CB550...
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    Custom XV500 Virago - Classified Moto Style Cafe

    Hey guys, I've spent the last 2.5 years building this bad boy. It's a really nice bike, built for the city, so its loud, pulls hard (for a 500) and is cheap to run/maintain/insure. here is the kijiji ad and here is my build blog laying out all the work. Basically its an XV500. The frame...
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    06 ZX-6R Part Out - Everything must go! Make an Offer

    Alright. I am building a custom bike and needed a ZX6R as a donor for a few items. I am now parting out the rest of the bike. PM/Email for pictures of the parts you want. Most have minor scratches and wear and tear. Includes the bolts and hardware to mount it. Tank and key – no dents - $400...

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