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    Tenere 700 as an enduro/trials bike

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    WTB: Yamaha MAP/air intake pressure sensor 2C0-82380-00-00

    regder submitted a new listing: WTB: Yamaha MAP/air intake pressure sensor 2C0-82380-00-00 - WTB: Yamaha MAP/air intake pressure sensor 2C0-82380-00-00 Learn more about this listing...
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    Heads up on Nexus renewal (application?) delay

    Applied for renewal three months ago and still haven't heard anything. Logged into the site today and my application is still pending. There is a note saying they have extended the grace period from six months to one year for those whose cards have expired but have submitted renewal applications...
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    Canada's most dangerous places (Maclean's)

    Not sure what can be extrapolated from this. Surprised London isn't higher on the list Canada's Most Dangerous Places 2020 -
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    Shop that has 150/70R17 and 110/80R19 tires in stock?

    Trying to get in a last minute trip to Deals gap and tires are more worn than I feel comfortable riding on. Hoping to get a set of tires mounted first thing tomorrow morning, or ideally today (long shot). Everyone is closed today so can't get in contact with anyone. Asking on the off chance...
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    Cell phone telemarketing/robo calls

    My cell number seems to have gotten on a list for these f'ing things. I counted six calls yesterday. All robocalls from "IRS"/"Department of Justice"/etc, except for one selling duct cleaning. I doubt any of these companies are in Canada so no point wasting time with the CRTC. What can be done...
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    Long Way Up! On HD Livewire's...

    Speculation, but not quite sure I want this to be a reality Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's
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    Aerostich R-3 Light 42R one piece suit

    regder submitted a new listing: Aerostich R-3 Light 42R one piece suit - Aerostich R-3 Light 42R one piece suit Learn more about this listing...
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    Teknic Freeway 40R jacket and 30R pants

    regder submitted a new listing: Teknic Freeway 40R jacket and 30R pants - Teknic Freeway 40R jacket and 30R pants Learn more about this listing...
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    Adventures of crashing in Vietnam, breaking my leg

    Story time, excuse the length, jump to the pictures and TLTR at the end if needed. On an open ended backpacking trip through South East Asia, decided to buy a bike and ride through Vietnam. The plan was to ride south to north, possibly turning around and riding south through Laos and Cambodia...
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    Buying a bike and travelling around Vietnam

    You know, as in the Top Gear episode. Apparently it's pretty common thing for backpackers to do. Cheaper than renting a bike, and you can sell it for similar money in Hanoi/Saigon once you're done riding south to north or vice versa. Anyone done it, any tips?
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    NYPD cop tries a wheelie...

    Sound NSFW
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    New Throttlemeister rubber grip insert - Free

    Bought this and never got around to installing it. Just the rubber insert that goes under the grip. Free to whoever wants it.
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    2006 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom mods and upgrades

    Thinking of parting out the mods from the V-Strom. Would much prefer to most of the mods in one shot, but will consider all offers. - Holan Nomada aluminum panniers - Givi Monokey top case mount (top case not included) - Givi tall windscreen with Madstad adjustable bracket - Garmin gps -...
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    2nd Gen Yamaha FZ1 parts and accessories

    - Givi V35 bags, PLXR racks, and top case rack - BNIB Graves fender eliminator - BNIB Clear Alternatives integrated tailight - Ivan's FCE - Dirtroad touring seat, awesome seat for touring, will need OEM seat in trade - Four throttle...
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    2006 Suzuki DL650 V-Strom 650 with accessories

    Comes ready to tour, $2800
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    Recent experiences with Euro mail order companies (FC-Moto, Motostorm)?

    Looking at buying a Givi Trekker setup for my Tenere, pricing seems to be about half of what's available locally. Anyone order recently? How long were shipping times? How bad was duty?
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    BMW Allround boots, size 42 - Free with a catch

    These are well used but still have some life left in them. Size 42, fits like a 9. They are no longer 100% waterproof. Had to cut the side a bit and break off the Gore-Tex logo when going through the warranty process. Free to whoever comes and picks them up.
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    Canadian Tire hydraulic dirt back jack

    Old, rusty, and ugly as sin but works as it should. Asking $40 Similar to this, but a slightly older model
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    Gore-Tex lifetime warranty works!

    My BMW All-Round boots started leaking after about four years. Sent Gore-Tex some pics of my soggy socks and the boots showing they were still in usable condition. They were going to replace them but for whatever reason couldn't, so they gave me a full refund for the amount I paid...

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