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    2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. 22,000 km. $2500

    DejaVu submitted a new listing: 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. 22,000 km. $2500 Learn more about this listing...
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    Reving in lower gear vs lugging in higher gear?

    Somebody posted this in one of the FB groups. Interesting read...
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    TIL: solo riders are not allowed in the diamond lanes on the 400-series highways

    Today I learned that I can't ride solo in the diamond lanes on the freeways. I had always assumed it was okay until I saw a news story which said the opposite. A web search led me to a few links which confirmed that I was wrong. Apparently, it is okay on city-maintained roads in Toronto, but...
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    CMB: Yamaha Ténéré 700 Launch

    CMG: Yamaha Ténéré 700 Launch From Canada Moto Guide yesterday: Yamaha is going to launch a Ténéré 700 adventure bike this year. Seems like a good idea
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    Indian FTR1200 video

    Old news, but I only came across this today. A Scout 1133 motor in an FTR750 frame. Not in production. It looks pretty sharp, and street-legal, too!
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    Motorsport Aftermarket Group files for bankruptcy

    Reposting from CMG: MAG sounds like a pretty big outfit. This should make for a pretty big shakeup in the aftermarket marketplace
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    please delete this thread

    please feel free to delete this. I wanted to test my privs because I am having trouble replying to an existing thread. i would delete it myself if i could find the right button
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    CMG: review of new BMW G310GS This popped up on social media last night. I don't think anybody else has linked it yet. Based on that review, I might enjoy having one. Maybe I'll hold off for a couple of years and see how reliable it turns out to be.
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    Drive Test/whinge

    I haven't taken my M test yet, so I tried to book it online today. After I filled in my details, it sent me a confirmation e-mail which I need to click in order to continue. However, I get DNS lookup errors when I try to click it. When I telnet to another server and try the same thing, i get...
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    Keanu Reves on Jay Leno's Garage/Arch motorcycles

    They had Gard Hollinger, too. The first half of the spot is the interview, then they take it for a ride. It looks like a nice bike, but way outside my budget.
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    2010 Yamaha WR250X Build Here's a story about tearing down a WR250X and adding a few features. I enjoyed going through it. The link was on a kijiji ad yesterday. The ad is gone already
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    Remember Husqvarna's White Arrow and Black Arrow concept bikes? Coming soon!

    Here's one of the stories from EICMA 2015. Sharp-looking little bikes. Here's a link that I borrowed from CMG. Husqvarna is putting both models into production...
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    Triumph Bobber 1200

    Canada Moto Guide posted this the other day at (Liquid-cooled) competition for the Yamaha Bolt, if the thing ever makes it to Canada. edit: my bad, there was already another thread on the subject at...
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    RS750 Shadow Scrambler/Tracker

    From 2010:
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    Davies HD to become Pfaff HD

    Hot off FB A message from Bob Davies - Robyn and I have sold our business, Davies Harley-Davidson, to Pfaff Automotive Partners, effective September 26, 2016. At that time, the dealership will become Pfaff Harley-Davidson and...
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    Labor Day Short Track Sale! Drive 10 Laps on any Short Track for just $79!

    This popped up on one of my feeds last night. Offered by Rusty Wallace's organization. Looks like a great deal, though I'll probably skip it Seems to be available at Flamboro, Delaware, Kawartha Downs or Sunset Speedway...
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    HMFS! Plates for High-Risk Bikes in Quebec are expensive!

    $1306.09 (perhaps you already knew that) Price list: High Risk Motorcycles explained:
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    MGX-21 Moto Guzzi Bagger

    This story was on social media last night. The bike looks sharp in the photos
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    A lost motorcycle graveyard in Lockport, NY

    This story was on social media this morning. It is about someone who hears rumours of a lost motorcycle graveyard, and tracks them down to a failed business named Kohl's Cycle Salvage, in Lockport, NY. At that time, the building was still standing, and full of scrap bikes from the 1960s and...
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    Lumilor Electroluminescent Paint ... battery-powered glow-in-the-dark custom paint

    This showed up in one of my feeds this morning. Paint that glows when it is connected to a battery. The clip shows a bike with a custom tank; it looks ok. This concept has potential, might even become the next flavour of the month (although I imagine a nightmare result when the advertising...

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