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    Shoulder Pain - Who can help?

    After my accident last year (it was all bruises and I had no broken bones) but now I can't ride without left shoulder pain :( Do you first go to a) A bike mechanic and ask them to check the bike ergonomics? I.e I screwed up rebuilding the front end after the accident??? b) Family doctor to get...
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    Landlord doxxing us

    Insane landlord Girlfriend’s landlord Can’t accept that we won the t6 hearing back in December. He has been in retaliation mode ever since... Tried to revoke her parking Posted a YouTube video So far he has been fined by bylaw, the...
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    Apartment Parking Question

    Any thoughts on this? My lease says one parking spot is free and every addition will be extra $$$. So I had a verbal agreement for over a year for an additional spot for the motorcycle, overnight visitors etc. Landlord is lazy and cheap so I had to go to bylaw and the LTB to fix the apartment...
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    Can I burrow a drilling jig?

    Anyone want to lend me a handlebar driling jig for 7/8" bar? I am nearby Guelph thanks
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    2006 SV650 Lessons Learned

    Hi members, Nature of accident: 50-60 km/h and hit a barrier. I'm so lucky to be alive without broken bones :) Excellent forum: Suzuki SV650 Forum: SV650, SV1000, Gladius Forums Resource for finding part numbers: Suzuki Parts House: Buy OEM Suzuki Parts & Accessories Dealt mostly with Rob from...
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    Sub-Frame Welding in Waterloo?

    Any recommendations? So one of steering stop on the sub-frame has a indent due to the accident. So the handlebar weight on the left side hits the gas tank... Is it possible for welder add some material into the indent to fix this? Thanks
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    WTB: Front Left Fork for a Gen 2 SV650s

    george__ submitted a new listing: WTB: Front Left Fork for a Gen 2 SV650s - WTB: Front Left Fork for a Gen 2 SV650s Learn more about this listing...
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    First Year Insurance - SV650 $$$

    Motorcycle is a 2006 Suzuki SV650 2 Minor Tickets 1 at fault accident back in 2014 M2 back in 2017 with the training certificate Age: 27 Region: Waterloo Full coverage options 1M Mitchell and Whale insurance brokers - ~$3,500 Surnet Insurance - ~$3,400 Going to try again with a different rep...
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    Located in Guelph Ont. Getting my M2 this year and hopefully a used motorcycle :cool:

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