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  1. Kedo

    Nova Scotia active shooter

    The RCMP stated today that the car is an important piece to the puzzle and they will track down everything they can to see how it was created.
  2. Kedo

    T-rex now legal in ontario

    And you have four wheels. ........road worthy dune buggy. Not a T rex.
  3. Kedo

    Fighting a parking ticket

    He know’s he was sleeping Dirty for a long time before he got caught as he played the odds. Taking the Plea bargain at first resolution was the best outcome. Kool Cat with new Bling now.
  4. Kedo

    Housing costs

    Not quite what Gene meant ....since he is The Moto~Nomad. LOL.
  5. Kedo

    Taxes on buying a used motorcycle?

    I agree. My insurance wanted purchase cost when I insured my last bike. Save now pay later (accident). It is hard to argue the bike is worth $5K when you reported you paid $3K. That is not to say I agree with taxing again a bike that was taxed at purchase but thats Ontario govt for you.
  6. Kedo

    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread

    Are you meaning NDP .No thx.
  7. Kedo

    Spotify long haul playlists

    I am not a spotify member, but I could see the list and click on song for snippet to play.
  8. Kedo

    Researching areas to live in.

    As Joe has politely pointed out, wanting a recommendation and being able to afford it may be 2 different things. Perhaps you could give an idea of a target price. Assuming somewhere between 750 to 1 mil?
  9. Kedo

    Anyone here a cyclist?

    And on site security. lol. +1 for awesome space.
  10. Kedo

    Helmet exemption for Sikhs/turbans

    And carrying them on slings at the ready is against parade protocol so more explaining. Could be some military reprimands on this one as there should be.
  11. Kedo

    2018/2019 Raptors/NBA Thread

    +1 just get 'r done.
  12. Kedo

    First accident

    If your condition has changed or you did not get prior medical assessment after the accident go to a clinic, or family physician (who later may appear as biased but knows you better that anyone else prior to accident) PRIOR to meeting with your * cough cough* unbiased insurance paid for by...
  13. Kedo

    LOL @ Insurance Claimants Being Punished

    Yes, and they will garnish up to 50% of your pay cheque. No advance warning and employer complies or they are in violation of court order. Most quit like they can hide but as noted , DL, passport , bank accounts are all for seizure, so good luck. Witnessed a few over the years. As for the DL, I...
  14. Kedo

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    2014 and a bad view at that...get some washer fluid people.. Perhaps time for a new thread title "Bad drivers of ontario 2017" videos...
  15. Kedo

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    As long as you are not in the passing lane I see no harm. Otherwise....move over or speed up.
  16. Kedo

    Penalty for Weaving Traffic

    When I was in California last year I kept waiting for a Bike to get crunched as cars tried to immediately merge over to the HOV lanes at every on ramp and all the bikes are lane splitting. I didnt know lane splitting was legal at the time so it makes more sense now. I will add that I was also...
  17. Kedo

    Time to get my M

    Hello Everyone, I have finally made the decision to get my M licence after years of putting it off for. I bought a convertible a couple of years ago to try and compensate for it, but it still can't replicate the open air like a bike can. I have ridden before but that was many years ago with the...

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