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  1. justride

    Order of the Sport by Ken Hill - Ken Hill Coaching

    I just started listening to Ken Hill Coaching podcast a couple of weeks ago. Lots of info on riding. Check out Ken Hill Coaching podcast episode 6 to 11. The Order of the Sport / The Fundamentals You can listen on Youtube or download the podcasts directly to your phone. It's great to listen...
  2. justride

    Wasaga Beach - The Strip is closed

    Was at Wasaga Beach on Saturday and the strip that runs along the main beach is covered over with sand so all vehicle access is prohibited. Parking lots were open.
  3. justride

    Heads Up! - buying used gear

    Kijiji has lots of great deals. It's truly a buyers market. But buyer beware. If you're looking for some unauthentic Astar gloves. Here is a quick video to spot a fake.
  4. justride

    Dundas Loop - 1hr start&stop at Main St S and Dundas St E,-79.8929075/43.2956159,-79.8915362/43.2983212,-79.9338486/West+Flamborough/43.2447865,-79.9497629/43.2885674,-79.9272791/43.2953499,-79.8913871/43.333878,-79.8925148/@43.2771346,-79.9944679,11.83z/data=!4m45!4m44!1m0!1m0!1m10!3m4!1m2!1d-79.9599234!2d43.2...
  5. justride

    mystery of an alligator in Brampton woods solved!
  6. justride

    10 Motorcycle Riding myths EXPLAINED -credit mikeonbikes

    The start is a bit weird but stick with the video. Lot's of things to help you understand and be a better rider.
  7. justride

    Kijiji - how to delete notifications for good

    Need some tech. help. How do stop receiving notifications on Ads/items I am not interested in anymore. I have unsubscribed the emails so I don't get emails. My favorite folder (Heart Icon) is empty. In the notification folder, I click the Dismiss. But still get notifications. For ie. I am no...
  8. justride

    Group Riding ... bump

    An old thread but an important one for new riders. some rules I follow Rule #1 ride your own ride - don't try to keep up with the faster riders. ride well in your limit. plan a destination/stop Rule #2 don't target fixate on the riders in front of you. If the rider in front goes wide in a turn...
  9. justride

    Tow Truck Turf War Are they really fighting over who gets to tow a vehicle? It looks more like the actions of a criminal organization.
  10. justride

    Speed is my Need on Netflix It was an ok doc. your wife is not going to watch it. lol
  11. justride

    Motorcycle Track Pants

    Looking at Alpinestars and Dainese track pants. Anyone have experience with either brand? Having a hell of a time figuring out true sizing and comfort from online reviews. thanks!
  12. justride

    Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Gear

    Came across this on youtube. If you're completely new to the wonderful world of motorcycles, this will help you get started on the many many assortment of gear Gas Works Garage credit to GasWorkGarage
  13. justride

    Snow tire - size matters?

    I have 18's on my CRV right now. Was wondering if it's ok to get 17 inch rims and 17 inch snow tires. Anything to consider if I size down for the winter. Trying to save some cash if I can. thanks
  14. justride

    Backhoe allowed on the road at night?

    In the fallen rider section, a rider collided with a backhoe. It appears the bike hit the rear of the construction vehicle at night. Details of the accident doesn't tell how the accident unfolded. But I am curious to know if the backhoe is allowed to use public roads at night.
  15. justride

    True Odometer

    So how to tell the true kilometres on a bike? Can you swap out the engine or the instrument cluster to make the bike more favourable to sell? Is the true odometer embedded in the ECU? On the hunt for used a sport bike and seeing some older bikes on Kijiji with very low km.
  16. justride

    Is my helmet insured ?

    had my helmet on the bike when it was hit in the parking lot. the helmet goes down along with the bike. now, is my helmet covered? The adjuster who took the pictures of my bike said no and the damaged helmet falls under house insurance. I just want to double-check and make sure. Is there any...
  17. justride

    CC Cycle Belleville

    Anybody dealt with CC Cycle in Belleville? Basically looking for a motorcycle shop for a safety if I decide to buy a bike around the area. thanks. Since I live in Mississauga I don't want to be going back and forth more than necessary. thanks
  18. justride

    Invisibility Training for Motorcyclist

    Cars, Suvs, Pickups and Trucks turning left in front of you is probably the number one fear of riding on local roads. The Fallen Rider thread has more than enough examples. But why do vehicles do this? Why don't they see us? Ryan from Fortnine explains why. update* Kevin from MCrider (from the...
  19. justride

    Thank you Tennessee!

    This was my first riding in The Smoky Mountains and my first riding in the States. It's a long drive so I am glad we had a pickup truck and a trailer. took turns driving The roads to start getting windier and elevation changes are more and more apparent (my ears popped) going through Virginia...
  20. justride

    Hurdville Rd and BlackWater Rd. is it paved now?

    Last year it was all gravel. have they laid down some asphalt? Want to take 518 from Spruce dale up Blackwater rd and take Hurdville Rd to hook up with McDougall Rd to Parry Sound or vice versa, this Sunday hopefully

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