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  1. conundrum

    Northern roads 2018

    I didn't see a thread dedicated to current road conditions for 2018 so I figured I'd start one... Haven't been up north yet this year (hopefully tomorrow or Monday), so I was wondering what the conditions of the following are like if anyone has been up there already: -Mount Horeb -Ski Hill...
  2. conundrum

    ABBA Superbike stand?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a place in Canada (even better if local/near the GTA) that sells the ABBA Superbike stand, and/or if it can be ordered from Parts Canada (in other words, GP Bikes or similar could get one in)? I think Bluestreak used to carry them, but they are no longer listed on...
  3. conundrum

    GP Bikes (and others) Boxing Week sales?

    Just wondering if anyone has been out to see what deals are to be had on motorcycle stuff this boxing week, from GP Bikes and any other places in and around southern Ontario. Personally was hoping to pick up a smoke visor for my new RF-1200 on sale...but doesn't seem like it is discounted...
  4. conundrum

    2017-05-08 - Rider killed in North York (Wilson Avenue and Wilson Heights Boulevard)

    Left-hand turner, rider reported as dead after arriving at Sunnybrook. RIP.
  5. conundrum

    Motorcycle Spring Show deals?

    Just wondering who all is at/has gone to the spring show this year, and what sorts of deals you are seeing (and which vendors)? Probably heading there myself this afternoon.
  6. conundrum

    Decisions -- Zumo 390 series vs 590 series

    Anyone ever directly compare the Zumo 390/395 to the Zumo 590/595? Wondering about screen visibility in sunlight. At first I thought the only major difference was size, but it seems the 390/395 uses a regular screen and the 590/595 uses a transflective screen. Leaning towards the 3 series but...
  7. conundrum

    57 currently a gravel trap. Also minor resurfacing on 507

    Just a heads up, 57 is a gravel trap for a few km...was on it today, and there were mounds of gravel on the road surface, and tons of loose gravel all over the place. Best to avoid imo until it is cleaned up/they complete whatever they are doing. Was around the area where they put in the new...
  8. conundrum

    Motion Pro (or similar) chain alignment tool -- Local store?

    Seems like a simple question/search, if only both GP Bikes and Royal didn't have such broken site searches -- Does anyone know if either place carries a chain alignment tool? Only place I can seem to find one is Canada's Motorcycle, but would prefer to pick up local vs pay and wait for...
  9. conundrum

    Pokemon Go player almost hit by driver also playing Pokemon Go

    I just....I think I'm actually out of
  10. conundrum

    It takes a special type of stupid -- Pokemon Go player crashes into parked police car

    It takes a special type of stupid -- Pokemon Go player crashes into parked police car. Have to love...
  11. conundrum

    Cyclist killed while 'splitting'

    Not technically motorcycle-related, but figured I'd post it anyhow considering I haven't seen it here yet. 71 year old cyclist was killed in Toronto when traffic came to a stop, but he continued to split between cars, until he crashed to avoid a turning car (the reason why all cars had stopped...
  12. conundrum

    Insurance increases for 1 minor conviction

    Just wondering if people can chime in on what percentage increase they have seen on their first minor conviction on an otherwise clean record. I know from past experience TD MM seems to be close to 0% on the first minor, however when checking for future reference I was told All State is 15% on...
  13. conundrum

    Anyone see a hike on a CBR650F?

    Policy isn't up until sometime late June (with Dalton Timmis/Aviva), but I was just wondering if anyone else with a CBR650F has had to renew recently and seen an increase, decrease, or if rates are the same as last year on that bike. I know it isn't very popular, but I figured I would post and see.
  14. conundrum

    TD MM and animal-related accidents

    Just a quick question that someone might be able to answer. From what I understand, if an animal runs out in front of a car or bike, gets hit, and causes damage to a vehicle, this comes out of comprehensive and therefore does not cause an insurance increase...does anyone know if this is in fact...
  15. conundrum

    Have iPhone follow custom route?

    Not interested in the debate between iPhone, Android and Zumo/Rider...but does anyone know if there is a way to make an iPhone follow a Google Maps route and give you turn by turn over audio/bluetooth? To give context, I'm thinking about doing the Fall Cannonball 500, and would want a way for...
  16. conundrum

    Photos at Polson Pier parking lot?

    Did a quick search and didn't find anything, so figured I'd post. I've seen a lot of nice Toronto skyline photos taken from the Polson Pier parking lot, and was wondering if we are 'allowed' to take our bikes in their to take a few pictures. I know the actual policy seems to be 'by permit...
  17. conundrum

    Motorcycle Star Rating?

    Just a quick question since my renewal is coming up -- When I called around for quotes a year ago, I recall one agent/broker mentioning that motorcycles have a 'star rating' much like car, and that (I believe) there is a steep discount once you get to a 4 star rating. That said, can anyone...
  18. conundrum

    Fatal Error -- Failure to file ticket within 7 days

    Just a question concerning speeding tickets (or I'm assuming other 'minor' tickets) that I have seen elsewhere but wanted to confirm -- From what I gather, if an officer fails to file a ticket within 7 days of the offence, it is rendered null and void as a 'fatal error'. Although I've heard...
  19. conundrum

    Insurance stupidity and CBR650F

    So in calling around it looks like the new Honda CBR650F suffers from Ninja 650R-itis when it comes to insurance companies...most want more to insure it than a CBR600RRA, likely due to the 649cc engine. 32 Male, full M, clean record, living in Toronto/Scarborough, and most want approx...
  20. conundrum

    M license -- 18 months or 18 months + 1 day?

    Quick question -- I just double checked my date of getting my M2 (April 12th 2012), and I am slated to take the M2 exit course with RTI on October 12th 2013, so essentially 18 months to the day. With that said, how anal is the ministry in that would they complain that if I got my M2 on April...

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