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  1. sh3r0y

    Any hope for this windshield?

    Can anyone tell what’s happened to my windshield? Can’t get the opaque parts to go away. Took it down and gave it a good wash with some soap and water but no luck. Trying not to spend $200+ on a new one. Any suggestions on restoring or fixing are welcome. Thanks in advance! Sent from...
  2. sh3r0y

    Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Leather Jacket size 2XL

    sh3r0y submitted a new listing: Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Leather Jacket size 2XL - Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Leather Jacket size 2XL Learn more about this listing...
  3. sh3r0y

    Men's CKX® Rhyno Rainsuit jacket only - size L

    sh3r0y submitted a new listing: Men's CKX® Rhyno Rainsuit jacket only - size L - Men's CKX® Rhyno Rainsuit jacket only - size L Learn more about this listing...
  4. sh3r0y

    Looking for a mobile tire change person

    Looking for someone to come by and change the rear tire on my 2003 V Star 1100 custom. It has a puncture in it and has been sitting in the garage for over a year. I have the replacement tire already. I live in the Woodbridge area close to Islington and Rutherford Rd. All the shops I had...
  5. sh3r0y

    2003 Vstar 1100cc Custom Midnight Black - MOVING SALE [$5200]

    Pics >> << MOVING TO CONDO. CANT PARK THIS ANYWHERE Come by to take a look - you won’t be disappointed. Super clean bike. Always babied. NEVER dropped. Washed after almost every ride or at minimum once a week (yes, I’m that crazy about it) and polished till you can...
  6. sh3r0y

    2003 Vstar 1100 Custom - 42723 kms - MOVING SALE

    Pics here >> Moving to a Condo hence no place to park it hence it must go ASAP. Come by to take a look - you won’t be disappointed. Super clean bike. Always babied. NEVER dropped. Washed after almost every ride or at minimum once a week (yes, I’m that crazy about it)...
  7. sh3r0y

    LF: Front floorboards which will fit 2003 VStar 1100 Custom

    PM me with pics and a price
  8. sh3r0y

    WTB : Mustang Solo seat or Saddlemen Profiler seat for VStar 1100 Custom

    Please PM me with a contact number and / or email address.
  9. sh3r0y

    To loud pipes or not to loud pipes.. that is the question :)

    Hi friends, I hope everyone is as sad as I am that the cold weather has set in and riding is no longer a safe option. Counting the days till summer rolls along! In the interim I wanted to take the opportunity to get some work done on my 2003 VStar 1100 Custom - specifically removing the stock...
  10. sh3r0y

    Motorcycle painting by viccont

    I recently put out an ad on this forum looking for someone who could paint my motorcycle. I got a few responses from some folks and one from Vic (username: viccont on this forum). He offered me the lowest price amongst all the others right off the bat. So, we talked over the phone, and decided...
  11. sh3r0y

    WTB: Joe Rocket Sonic 2.0 Leather Jacket

    If anyone has one in size XL and is in good condition, please PM me or better yet text me at 647-299-0779[Leather] Looking for ASAP
  12. sh3r0y

    Biker style jacket size 48 - MINT

    Bought it but never actually used it myself. Size 48 was a bit too big for me. However, the item IS / WAS used (when purchased in August 2013) but is in LIKE-NEW condition. Comes with detachable inner lining. Best offer takes it. Cash only. Available to meet up in Brampton /...
  13. sh3r0y

    V Star 1100 mods/upgrade advice needed.

    Hi guys, Happy New Year! I own a 2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 Custom which is untouched i.e. everything stock. I want to get some work done on the bike this year and the list is as follows: 1. Replace stock pipes with slip-ons or change the exhaust system completely. Ive done...
  14. sh3r0y

    Gas tank dent repair

    Ok so I made a f*****g booboo today and I'm soooooo ****** at myself. I put the bike on the stand on my driveway and got off to close my garage door. By the time I reached the door it fell. I obviously didn't put the stand properly - Mea Culpa! Now there are 3 things damaged: 1 - dent in left...
  15. sh3r0y

    Anyone spruce their ride using LED's?

    I'm looking to buy LED lights from eBay and put them on my ride. a] Is this a good idea? b] Is this street legal? I don't want to turn them on only in a parking lot - I want to ride with them on at night but I don't want the popo to frown. c] Anyone who's done this have a particular brand /...
  16. sh3r0y

    Wanted: WTB: Custom World International (CWI) Luggage Rack

    Looking for a CWI luggage rack for my Yamaha V Star. Please contact me with price and location Dimensions: Standard (9"L x 9"W)
  17. sh3r0y

    B Town - represent!

    Hello folks, I'm looking to make some friends in the Brampton area and go for rides together on a frequent basis. I have a Yamaha V Star and would love the company of others with cruisers who are into leisure riding and not zipping between cars and speeding for no reason. Lol Evenings after 5pm...
  18. sh3r0y

    Adding a fuel gauge to a bike that doesn't have one..

    I'm planning to go on some serious road trips this spring/summer and was wondering if I could somehow attach a fuel gauge to my bike so I could tell what the level is. I'm used to motorcycles giving me the slight jerk when they're low on fuel and I'm very capable of switching to Reserve...
  19. sh3r0y

    Has anyone bought from / anyone have any reviews on their products?

    I'm looking into hard saddle bags for my V Star and I found this website called I'm looking to buy these I've also been in contact with Kyle / Carl from their customer service via email and phone. They have a...
  20. sh3r0y

    Oil inside Air Filter compartment

    So I got me a 2003 V Star 1100 yesterday and I was cleaning the bike today. I was curious to see what the air filter of the V Star looked like so I unscrewed the filter cover and took out the air filter. Everything seemed fine but in a few seconds I noticed oil dripping on the garage floor and...

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