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  1. MacDoc

    Any hope for this windshield?

    I gave you a list.
  2. MacDoc

    How far north by gravel road?

    Apparently forty more KM past Pickle Lake are now paved - I was blown away by that Broken Tooth video
  3. MacDoc

    How far north by gravel road?

    Maybe in winter
  4. MacDoc


    Well everything but the kitchen sink visible in the Toronto sky this morning except the damn comet, Venus, Mars, Jupiter plus the space station transit ( unexpected but a treat ) a wandering racoon, some bats comet..... Even...
  5. MacDoc


  6. MacDoc

    Ear plug recommendations?

    What I use as well. Drop by I'll give you a fresh bagged pair ...I buy them 200 at a time and they go for years ( I reuse them )
  7. MacDoc


    well there was a little rain but barely watered the lawn
  8. MacDoc

    Looking for any mapped routes people have going towards perry sound, 518, towards calabogie, etc

    Maybe this but no idea how to get it on to the phone...
  9. MacDoc

    Looking for any mapped routes people have going towards perry sound, 518, towards calabogie, etc

    I think it exceeds the number of points GoogleMap can handle on the phone
  10. MacDoc

    Road conditions

    Even better the MicMac Bridge in the rain .... fortunately the outer lane is paved but when there is construction on it .... pucker time. a vera long bridge where cars have been blown off :eek:
  11. MacDoc


    anyone got a rain dance in their repertoire. Damn AC is not keeping up
  12. MacDoc

    2020 Day Trips!

    Ur a madman ... (y) This heat alway makes the tires wear like crazy ....down to the cords eh o_O
  13. MacDoc


    especially with this heat - should see a few more was a bear to pull that stand out of the paving.
  14. MacDoc

    Any hope for this windshield?

    You might be surprised how cheap a fabricated one is when you have a template - have you contacted any? For your bike I think the tint would not look good but certainly will be cheapest
  15. MacDoc

    What a scary ride yesterday

    double lines in Ontario can be passed in cautiously... just not in Quebec.
  16. MacDoc


    Almost had a tip over in the driveway ...sidestand was well buried and a bear to get it out. No more parking out there. o_O
  17. MacDoc


    Depends on the wind but along Lake Erie should be cooler ....I assume you don't want to do Lake Superior?
  18. MacDoc

    Evo's New Ride

    I saw one up at the Forks and it looked so small with a great seating position...then came home and looked it up ...o_O
  19. MacDoc

    A Ride up North - James Bay

    If there is no other method to get a bike there ....yep. If there is, no.... and Hyder is fun coming back into Kanuckistan. Really many of the check off places ...say S Dakota are just touched on via a blitz on the slab. Little difference in my mind.
  20. MacDoc

    LOST Bike Keys

    Where do you think you lost your keys ....did you have two keysets? I found mine down the liners of the riding pants after turning the hotel room upside down.

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