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  1. Baggsy

    Fortnine dropped the ball.

    Just ordered pants from Fortnine via Canada Post tonight.
  2. Baggsy

    Will the next "hit the fan" moment involve boomers?

    My uncle got out fairly early, like a bandit. He's a silent generation. It wasn't all Boomers, and it wasn't started by them either.
  3. Baggsy

    Lakeshore was closed, eastbound bikes on QEW/Gardiner were splitting

    On the way back west on Lakeshore, three or four motorcycles came flying into the left turn lane heading down to Commissioner's. All but the last, made it through the light, and the last one was a little behind the rest and almost t-boned the oncoming traffic. He/She'll be switching out of the...
  4. Baggsy

    Lakeshore was closed, eastbound bikes on QEW/Gardiner were splitting

    Almost lost my right mirror. Guy went missing, before we hit Jameson. Then another went flying up between the other lanes, before veering wildly across 3 lanes. If you guys are going to shut down traffic and bring back pollution, you'll have to figure out what to do/about them.
  5. Baggsy


    Goldie Hawn?
  6. Baggsy

    Enough of COVID...what are you doing to the house?

    Make sure it's sealed up tight. The ductwork too. You don't want any exhaust fumes leaking through.
  7. Baggsy

    When you sell your bike

  8. Baggsy


    Shouldn't his name be Lea?
  9. Baggsy

    When you sell your bike

    I had an issue with a car. I sold it to a former boss. The engine was blown and leaking oil like crazy. His family owned a taxi company, they dropped a new engine in it, and abandoned it on the QEW, a couple of years later. I got a call from a towing and storage company, asking for $3,000 in...
  10. Baggsy

    Evo's New Ride

    Nice, but looks like it will have quite the heat score.
  11. Baggsy

    Be careful out there

    Lots of places in Nova Scotia like that. Some of them are cities. That's also where I looked at someone the wrong way from the left turn lane, and he asked if I needed him to let me in.
  12. Baggsy


    Looking at Toronto, and you are doing so well.
  13. Baggsy

    Foreign license with 5 years experience

    As far as I know, you get a discount for one course. Gearing Up counts, M2X counts. But you can't get a double discount.
  14. Baggsy

    Enough of COVID...what are you doing to the house?

    I was going to ask what's holding up the ductwork, and wiring? I'm not sure that you should remove all that before, you have something in place to take the weight. Maybe put in some metal strapping to hold it up first. If you have the space, then after you seal everything, you could drop some...
  15. Baggsy

    Will the next "hit the fan" moment involve boomers?

    Ugh, the Gen-xers took over the X-men, and they went to crap. Lee spent all his time counting his money, and pretending he was a movie star. I really miss Jack Kirby.
  16. Baggsy

    Anyone tried a cooling vest?

    I have something called a Core cooler. It looks kind of like a dickey. Goes around your neck and cools the blood as it flows to your brain.
  17. Baggsy

    Low siding

    I've managed a 180 with a little bit of sand from a stop on a right turn. Also, did the splits once, stepping in some liquid on the street at a stop sign.
  18. Baggsy

    Fed EX truck runs over parked motorcycle in Toronto

    Might be a wake up call to people who park like that on Mercer St. You're only allowed to be 60 degrees from the curb. I've seen transports turn down Mercer and clear bikes by millimetres. He should be ticketed from now on when he parks that way, since he now knows better. Also, why is there...
  19. Baggsy

    Plastic Welder???

    Over a dozen years ago I bought some Plastex at the Home Hardware, and did mine myself. Make sure you're outside when you do it. They give you some stuff to make a mould for tabs in the package.

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