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  1. stnd

    Will the next "hit the fan" moment involve boomers?

    I'd say boomers running the education system ****** up the current generation the most. Turning Education into a business, participation medals, bell curves, valentines card for everyone, equality above skills, no snowballs!!! etc. All these detrimental tools are teaching kids that everything in...
  2. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    Always got a spare on me, haven't had to use it yet. The manual calls for 32:1. More oil should equal less fuel, less rich. I will play around.
  3. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    40:1 - Amsoil Sabre or Dominator
  4. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    Yeah it may not be. Bike runs strong to me, starts easily. I'm sure i wouldn't ruin anything testing one leaner on each, pilot, needle, main.
  5. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    The pipe is too new and pretty for that procedure :LOL:. I just googled around I guess there is some caustic soda or something that can be used. I wont touch it till winter. Can't wait to go to Ganaraska sometime soon.
  6. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    I have never fouled it to the point of bike not running, only way i know something is off is by the sparkplug. I don't get a lot of wet sticky mess on the exhaust tip either. I have a modified carb, aftermarket pipe and open airbox, so I think that's why the 150 was recommended. But I dont think...
  7. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    Thanks for the suggestions, I have a KDX220 with a Keihin PWK 33, looking for a 148 Main and 38 Pilot (I'm sure i had them and misplaced them it seems). Wanted to try a leaner setup for these hot days. Bike runs great but spark plug looks a little rich =) I will call Winners circle to see if...
  8. stnd

    Where to Buy Jets

    Looking to buy some jets for a keihin pwk 33. I found places online, but if anyone knows of a place in and around the GTA that carries jets that would be helpful. Thanks.
  9. stnd

    Hitch Carrier or a Small Trailer

    The towing capacity includes all cargo and passengers. I still think you should be fine as I believe all these ratings are very much pussified.
  10. stnd

    Do all Sportbike riders...

    Get someone else to explain to you. you get it. don't play dumb. it's ok to not agree.
  11. stnd

    Do all Sportbike riders...

    If you are driving below the speed of traffic in the HOV lane, you are a **** plain and simple. Legal ****, but **** none the less for many of us.
  12. stnd

    where are all the end of season track bike deals??

    Anyone know where I could find an '08 CBR600RR Engine. That's not ebay?
  13. stnd

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Only 4k for this '01 KDX 220. Can be sold without the rare bolt ons.
  14. stnd

    Lawrence Ave and Markham Rd Life Threatening

    Wonder how the helmet came off. GWS.
  15. stnd

    Wanna buy a CBX ?

    Always liked this guys way back when the videos came out:
  16. stnd

    Did something a little silly...

    All it was ever missing was a suspension and jet kit. The stock forks used to dive on me when i was 150lb lol.
  17. stnd

    Found Ring - Ganaraska P6

    how busy was Ganaraska?
  18. stnd

    2019 MotoGP Discussion (No links)

    Great career. Hated him as a Rossi fan, but can't deny the talent. Same with Stoner and Marquez. Mr Highside.
  19. stnd

    Only 2nd, 4th, and 6th Gears Working

    Started great. It's really hot at the waterpump cover. Now I'm paranoid but I think its suppose to be too hot to touch. This was after 3 minutes running in neutral. Fluids topped up.
  20. stnd

    Only 2nd, 4th, and 6th Gears Working

    So the engine is back together and on the bike, I am waiting till later today to try to start it as I gave the Threebond gasket material 48 hours to cure. Looking for advice based on experience starting rebuilt engines (non lubricated more like it). I did use assembly lube on touching metal...

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