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  1. Green Meenie


    Driveway tip-over? I've seen that term used lots in kijiji ads 😂
  2. Green Meenie


    Speak to whoever you booked the original flights with. (Travel Agent or Airline-direct). There used to be a lot of cancellation forgiveness policies among airlines. Not sure if that's still in play or not. Best case scenario is you get a future travel credit at full value with that airline good...
  3. Green Meenie


    If you're just in mid-life now and don't think this virus can eat you up, read this!
  4. Green Meenie

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Those are nice bikes. Friend had one back in the day. Really nice mid-size motorcycle. Pretty easy to work on too, providing bolts/screws aren't all rusted to crap.
  5. Green Meenie

    Evo's New Ride

    Great bike! Enjoy every moment. It's always exciting to have a new machine. I'm sure it'll give you many great memories!
  6. Green Meenie

    When you sell your bike

    I have always provided the UVIP document when selling a bike. That's on record with Service Ontario when I ordered and paid for it. I have also provided a safety cert. ,again dated, and a bill of sale to the buyer, dated and signed with the purchaser's drivers licence # on it. I don't expect...
  7. Green Meenie


    Canadian weather will take care of the beach issue!
  8. Green Meenie

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Speed may have been a factor but guessing the driver also ran out of driving skill about the time the tires initially broke loose.
  9. Green Meenie

    Pickle Lake to/from in 5 days.

    The Spyder looks like a great ride for this kind of trip. I gather it handled to trip just fine. I've had no luck weather wise travelling in Northern Ontario. Always been cold and rainy when ever I've gone. Clearly you didn't have those conditions!
  10. Green Meenie

    Kawasaki ZX25-R

    I hope they do bring it here eventually. I would be very interested!
  11. Green Meenie

    Will the next "hit the fan" moment involve boomers?

    I was raised to respect my parents & grandparents and their generations who did so much to make life better and easier for my generation. I always thought that was a huge pillar in Asian culture too - respect and caring for one's elders. Maybe I'm wrong on that? My point is, all generations are...
  12. Green Meenie


    Wow! If they thought their bottom line was hurting before this, then they could be in for a big surprise. Max. fine is $100k and 1 year in the slam! They probably won't get the max but still won't be a happy result. Not sure if they would have charged just the business or also any knuckle heads...
  13. Green Meenie


    Call the airline's customer service and ask what their policy is for cancelling due to Covid-19 concerns. The policies change frequently but you may indeed be able to get a travel credit with that airline that is good for a year or more. Just be prepared to wait for a long time on hold to get...
  14. Green Meenie

    Best UJM of all time?

    The bike that really rocked my world was my 4th bike, a brand new 1977 Kawi Z-900! I was coming from a '73 Honda CB 500 which I also liked but once on the 900 .... WOW! That thing had a massive power band that kicked in around 7,000 rpm if I recall correctly and it would near pull your arms...
  15. Green Meenie

    Anyone into gardening here?

    I never had any luck with birch trees. Planted 3 over the years and they all eventually died. I used to see mine turn yellow during very dry, hot periods. Watered them pretty regularly but not overly so. Still, it was off to the morgue within 2-3 years. Think one lasted maybe 4 or 5? Good luck...
  16. Green Meenie


    Just like you, me and a buddy got a job picking strawberries one summer in high school. It was sunny and around 30 degrees that first day. We also left at lunch and went swimming in Lake Ont., which was close. We were first world kids and couldn't hack the brutal picking work in that heat. Good...
  17. Green Meenie

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    Funny comment about the KZ650 from another site: "I have no clue how high I actually rev the 650. The tach is a joke, but I routinely run-out of power before shifting, because a quick-revving engine with an inconsistant tach is hard to always shift at the right point when you're trying to put...
  18. Green Meenie

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Or, maybe just trade him an old lawn mower for it. Looks like he's in desperate need!
  19. Green Meenie

    Doug Ford - has your opinion changed?

    Good going Douggie! But, JT will have to ask permission from the orange one before he does anything or else there's be a tantrum!
  20. Green Meenie

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    The airline industry is "fubar" anyway. What happens with Boeing's 737 Max is almost a who cares in this new reality. Westjet is struggling big time, as are others worldwide!

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