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    Introduction\New User\Daljeet Singh

    Don't listen to these the helmet that you like the look of the most! They want you to try on a bunch of helmets? F that. Just find the one you love and buy it. Then you get to buy another one that actually fits and feels good 3 months later! Now you have two!
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    T7 review (fortnine)

    I think they only do it Europe some of the models come with not the orange shaky lights (xsr900 for example). I think it has something to do with NA needing orange turn signals. So they reach for the parts bin.... Yep...
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    T7 review (fortnine)

    I enjoyed the review. Not a bike for me...but the thing looks fun....and what else can you buy that'll perform like that and be reliable in that class?
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    Fundamentals of math are back! And more.

    And for sure she grew up when times tables were memorized.
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    Anyone here a cyclist?

    looks like a wrench for the top of a fork for adjustment....or maybe a shock?
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    Anyone here a cyclist?

    The sick part is she'll be punished the most for insurance fraud....fatal hit and run is so so....but don't try and screw your insurance company.
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    To aramid or not?

    Full disclosure: LOVE my new Drake air pants. When I zip it into the jacket it is perfect. Super comfortable. BUT no way is it as safe a a full aramid or Kevlar riding jean on a higher speed slide.
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    Couch shopping for a new bike

    Maybe I'm the minority....but i think this thing looks great: SV650 or MT-07 will keep you happy for a long time.
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    Another car thread

    Highlander is a nice vehicle...and they do really well reliability wise...the 2017 gained the newer RX350 engine so 300 hp and all the safety tech your insurance company likes. Lane departure/pre-collision and radar cruise. But the best feature is the 8 speed tranny. Better fuel and quieter...
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    COVID19 and Motorcycle shopping

    That is why they want you to wear a that you don't give it to them. If you think masks are 99% bull crap.....then you should run the show for the dealerships you go into. I get the hypocritical part. But wearing a mask for 15 minutes isn't a big deal is it?
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    She is finally home.

    That colour is great. Enjoy.
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    Reliable bike for my kid returning to riding after illness

    Came here to say this. 650 bandit will do the trick. edit too late.
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    Fatal Dog Attack..

    It's funny because Labs are the dogs that are most often involved in bites.....because they are so plentiful.
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    Motorcycle Tire Recommendations Includes the Pirelli's
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    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    Is Featherlight the brand of the tent or the model?
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    Has the Naked bike killed the Super Sport?

    When i was a kid I wanted an SS but never could afford it. I wanted an SRAD GSX-R so bad. Bought a Bandit instead and it was perfect for me at the time. Took a break from bikes for a while and then we got a CBR600RR traded in at my work. I took it for a rip and my wrists hurt in 20 minutes...
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    Justin Time

    I'd really love if you took your time and explained how when someone GETS a phone call they can be part of an echo chamber....but when a poll is open and is more reliable. Take your time and explain cause I'm dying here. I have to give you credit cause you're a Trump level troll...
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    A fun commercial...

    if a little pandering to the emotions...

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