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  1. UltrA_09

    Shoei RF-1200 SUN protection? (vs the GT-Air)

    It's time for me to buy a new helmet, and after a lot of back and forth between the Shoei RF-1200 and the Shoei GT-Air, I've finally made my decision and plan on going with the RF-1200 simply due a better fit on my head. The only issue I have now is dealing with the sun! The BIGGEST selling...
  2. UltrA_09

    TMP - Friday July 11th - PICTURES

    To anyone that was at the TMP Trackday on Friday, a friend and I may have taken a shot of you on the track. If you're interested in getting your picture, feel free to send me a Personal Message with your bike details/gear color/track group and I'll see whether I have any of you. Disclaimer...
  3. UltrA_09

    Contact Lenses - Save Your Money!!!

    I've been saving hundreds of dollars every year by purchasing my contacts online using this method, and I thought it was time for me to share it with everyone here. Here are the details on how to get the cheapest contact lenses on the market: 1. Call
  4. UltrA_09

    Vancouver, BC - Insurance Advice!

    Hey Everyone, I will be moving to Vancouver for about 6 months (during riding season) for work and need some advice/information about motorcycle insurance. My plan is to ship the bike over to BC (I've read a few threads about that already) but I have found zero information about actually...
  5. UltrA_09

    Lane Splitting Bill Passes Nevada Transportation Committee (Amended AB236)

    Really exciting news for any motorcyclists riding in Nevada! Lane Splitting could be legal by 01/01/2014. I consider this one small step closer to lane splitting in North Amercia...
  6. UltrA_09

    FS: Brake Pads! CBR600RR(03-06) R6/R6S(03-09) R1(06-09) SV650(99-09) Ninja650 (06-09)

    For sale: Brake pads in great condition. FRONT (2 sets/calipers) - $30 for both (or $20 each) ---------------------------------------- Fits: SV650 (99-09) Ninja650 (06-09) REAR (1 set/caliper) - SOLD ---------------------------------------- Fits: CBR600RR(03-06) R6(03-09) R6S(03-09) R1(06-09)...
  7. UltrA_09

    TMP Weekend Trackdays For Sale!

    Earlier this season I purchased 3 Weekend trackdays from TMP at a discounted price of $113 each. I now realize however that I won't have the time to attend all 3 weekend Trackdays. Instead of keeping them until next year, I figure I would sell them off for the same price I bought them for ($113...
  8. UltrA_09

    SMP Trackday - Monday, July 9th

    Anyone else going to the Shannonville trackday on Monday, July 9th? I just registered to be in the beginner group; This will be my first time at SMP and I'm very excited to finally ride this track! I'll be riding a silver SV650, hope to see some of you there!
  9. UltrA_09

    Grand Bend Trackday - May 24th

    Anyone else going to the trackday at to Grand Bend tomorrow? (trackday organized by Racer5)
  10. UltrA_09

    High Side Save!
  11. UltrA_09

    How to Order and Pick-Up Motorcycle Gear from the US

    A friend of mine had asked me about the necessary steps for purchasing and picking up motorcycle gear (anything for that matter) from the US, and so I wrote him a "How-To" that I thought I'd share with you all. If I had known all the information that I know now about purchasing gear from the...
  12. UltrA_09

    Trackday at TMP - May 3rd

    Anyone here planning on attending the Trackday on May 3rd at TMP? I've just registered and paid for the event; going to be riding in the Green/Beginner group with my silver SV650s. If you see me, feel free to say :wave: I'm very excited to get my bike on the track!
  13. UltrA_09

    Close Call on HWY 281 with Car and Sportbike (San Antonio)

    That's one hell of a close call! 2RXBrrn55WR8l8Buld6q1WkOfk%3D
  14. UltrA_09

    Drifting Motorcycles Crossing
  15. UltrA_09

    Girl Blindly Running Through an Intersection!

    This happened during my morning commute; thought it would be worth sharing:
  16. UltrA_09

    Rogers Van Running Red Light! - earlier this season

    I thought I would post up the video of what happened to me earlier this season. The rogers van crosses through the intersection with a clear red light (red for about 4-5 seconds) without even bothering to slow down. I'm just glad I wasn't further down the road, otherwise it could have been my...
  17. UltrA_09

    Rosey Toes - Still scratching up rims...

    I just wanted to warn other riders (who care about their rims) that it's highly likely your rims will get scratched after a tire change at Rosey toes. In the past I have read older posts warning riders about having their rims scratched, though I figured that by now Ted had made changes to his...
  18. UltrA_09

    Motorcycle-Superstore COUPON?

    Hey guys, I figured this was worth a try :cool: I plan on making a very large purchase from Motorcycle-Superstore and I was hoping that someone out there would be willing to share a coupon code that they didn't plan on using. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! :thumbup:
  19. UltrA_09

    Car Detail/Wash - shop recommendations/suggestions?

    I'm interested in getting the family sedan detailed & possibly washed for a reasonable/inexpensive price. Any recommendations/suggestions of shops that can do this anywhere in the GTA?
  20. UltrA_09

    Any way to view previously sent Visitor Messages?

    As the title states, is there any way to view previously sent Visitor Messages?

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