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  1. Fr0stByte24

    PITBULL Stands - Reply On Kijiji If Interested (Package Deal)

    Fr0stByte24 submitted a new listing: PITBULL Stands - Reply On Kijiji If Interested (Package Deal) - PITBULL Stands - Reply On Kijiji If Interested (Package Deal) Learn more about this listing...
  2. Fr0stByte24

    Bucking Z900?

    I've noticed something a bit unusual happening with my Z900 this season. Doesn't matter what gear or speed I'm going, when I hold the throttle at 4,000 RPM the bike will lurch back and forth. RPM from 1 to 3.5k and 5k + is fine, smooth in all gears. The bucking/lurching back and forth is...
  3. Fr0stByte24


    Just saw what looked to be a new rider go down hard today in Guelph @ Grange & Victoria intersection. Looked like a fist full of front brake on a Kawasaki 250 and almost rear-ended a car. Enjoying my riding day until I saw him tumbling: Ride Safe!
  4. Fr0stByte24

    2017 YAMAHA R6 - 500km
  5. Fr0stByte24

    Selling my 2017 R6 for a 2017 Z900

    I think I'm going to do it. I'm just not "legally" enjoying my R6 as much as I used to a couple years ago. Being cramped, having sore wrists and back (even with breaks and squeezing the tank), insurance, and being in traffic (I really try not to be) are all signs that this incredible "racing"...
  6. Fr0stByte24

    Yamaha V Star 250

    Anyone have any experience with a Yamaha V Star 250? Would you recommend this to a beginner female rider? My only real concern is acceleration and not having enough power to get out of a situation. A ninja 300 / R3 are also being considered but the cruiser style is more her thing (short rider)...
  7. Fr0stByte24

    DAINESE - FortNine or Direct?

    I'm looking to buy some Dainese Carbon D1 Long Gloves and found them on two websites being sold for drastically different prices, could someone tell me why? I always buy from FortNine, but this seems like too good of a deal to pass on. - $229.95 CAD (Free Shipping) -...
  8. Fr0stByte24

    Your First Ride of 2018

    When are you planning to start your riding season? If you already started, I would love to hear how that first ride went!
  9. Fr0stByte24

    Riding Season

    Put together a fun interpretation of how it feels to ride, (to me at least!) enjoy:
  10. Fr0stByte24

    Motorcycle vs Epoxy Garage Floor?

    Wondering if that is a bad combination? I guess as long as I don't come flying into the garage after a rainy ride it should be fine, right? Any recommended companies in the GTA?
  11. Fr0stByte24

    Hmmm....something looks fishy to me about this found this 2014 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R on Kijiji and looks fine to me, except the tail end is green when every 2014 636 I've googled has a black one. Also, no 636 stickers on...
  12. Fr0stByte24

    YAMAHA R6 - Insurance Quote

    Hoping someone can verify if this is a decent quote: 2010 Yamaha R6 - (RBC) $129/month (Liability only) - I'm 28 (Full M since 2012) Statefarm basically said F--k off with a $263/month and TD is around $240/month. Any other recommendations?

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