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  1. OverRyde

    Aftermarket slip on fitment help

    Morning everyone, i got an aftermarket slip on this weekend for free (amazon item) and installed it on my '10 Ninja 250. I need help to clarify if there is anything i can do in terms of fitment. This slip on is meant for the bike, but i do have a leak at the joints with some droplets coming...
  2. OverRyde

    SAE polarity

    Me again...! I received my cable and usb connector today and now just scratching my head for polarity. Currently on the bike there is a battery tender plug but it's black. The plug I received has the cables in red and black so I can identify which end to plug to which. However, if I plug the...
  3. OverRyde

    Torque wrench, what size?

    Gents, quick question, going to be purchasing a torque wrench for the bike. What would be the best size to get if primarily used for the bike? Ideally, maybe for the cars too? 1/2, 1/4 or 3/8? what is your recommended size? cheers!
  4. OverRyde

    Chain click?

    Hi everyone, so got the bike ready this past weekend and gave her a good clean, including chain (clean and lube). I noticed that after lubing it the chain was silent! I assumed this was due to lubing. I took her out for a spine a couple of times since and out of curiosity i spun the wheel a...
  5. OverRyde

    Moving clutch bracket

    Hi everyone, just a quick technical question. Is it possible to move the clutch housing/bracket? I need to attach a mount but won't fit in by barely a few millimeters! Is this something that can be moved or meant to stay in this position? Thanks! Sent from my Pixel 3 using
  6. OverRyde

    WTB - Ram mount parts

    OverRyde submitted a new listing: WTB - Ram mount parts - WTB - Ram mount parts Learn more about this listing...
  7. OverRyde

    Moto comms: to mesh or not to mesh?

    Morning everyone! Heading out to the tent sale today in the hopes of finding some deals! One of the things i am interested in is in a bluetooth set. I understand the newer tech is DMC (mesh) which allows many more riders to interconnect vs bluetooth only. One of the devices i was looking at is...
  8. OverRyde

    Gear: where do you buy?

    So i'm window shopping online at the two main Canadian stores: GP and F9... and i am noticing that they pretty much have the same prices, give or take a few cents... I am also looking at local stores and again, prices are pretty much on par to one another. So where do you guys shop for gear? I...
  9. OverRyde

    Looking for suggestion

    Hi everyone, I have finally saved a few bucks and will be making a purchase this season. Budget is about $1500, give/take a couple hundreds. I have decided to get either a CBR125 or Ninja 250, used/older obviously! Right now, can't seem to find much on trader or Kijiji for a Ninja within my...
  10. OverRyde

    Motorcycle supershow - used bikes experience

    Hi everyone, looking for some input from anyone who has been and/or dealt in the used market at the supershow. I am currently saving some money to be able to buy my first ride in 2019. I will be buying used and older bike. Has anyone here ever purchased from the used market at the supershow...
  11. OverRyde

    helmet fit - how tight is too tight?

    Hey everyone, just receive my helmet i ordered (HJC CS-R3) and fitment around the dome is nice and comfortable. Only questioning the tightness on the cheek pads. This is a brand new helmet so i understand if it is tight and will loosen over time. But i wonder how tight is too tight? I measured...

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