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    Rexdale RIP 29 year old down :(. RIP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    motorcycle usb charger fried the charging port on my iphone..explanation?

    i have one of these usb chargers: its connected to a SAE cable with inline fuse (7.5) that is in turn, connected directly to my battery (my bike is a ducati scrambler if that matters) I've had this setup for over a year (and even longer on my old bike) with no problems. this afternoon, i...
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    Ordering exhaust online...import duty fees?

    I’m looking at a pipe that’s around $1000. Anyone know if it’s any cheaper to order it from Japan or France in regards to duty and tax ****? (Revzilla has it but does not ship the item to Canada) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    bike phone mount + newer phone issues?

    i have a ram mount that i mount my iphone 6s for mostly GPS reasons. i was considering upgrading my phone but i've read from multiple sources (mostly forums and reddit) that people with newer phones (that have optical image stabilization for the camera ) get damaged due to the excessive and...
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    fired up heated vests and liner gloves

    they're on sale right now at costco. $50 off 229.99 to make the vest 179.99 $35 off 179.99 to make the gloves 144.99...
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    2018-10-14 - Brampton

    It happened at North Park and Lethbridge drives, between Airport Road and Torbram Road. Rider in critical condition. Looks like he rode into the drivers side of a truck.
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    Ducati service within Toronto?

    Gonna need my first major service soon on my Scrambler and wondering where I should go. I called maranello and they didn’t even know my sixty2 has 10k intervals (as opposed to 12k on the 800) I don’t get how people in Toronto get serviced out in Whitby or Cambridge. How do you guys get back...
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    Sept 2nd - Lansdowne & Dupont

    motorcyclist hit. not sure of further details yet.
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    traveling to california...want to rent a bike

    I'm flying to california with the wife soon. Having not done so before, is there anything I should know about renting a bike in a different country? Do people usually lug their own gear with them? My plan is to ride the pacific coast highway and then eventually through the desert towards joshua...
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    neat simplified navigation for motorcycles

    pairs with your phone. from what i've seen, it looks to have 2 options: 1) turn by turn mode - follows turn by turn directions by just pointing the arrow as it goes 2) compass mode - just points in the general direction of your destinations, allowing you to travel and explore on the way...
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    pretty cool audio technology for helmet essentially its something you mount on your helmet like a sena but it doesnt need speakers. it just plays vibrations through the helmet so you can listen to bluetooth gps/music/whatever but you can still hear road noise for...
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    planning a day(or 2) trip to Long Sault Parkway

    i'm planning on taking it slow on my little tu250x (avoiding highways) so it'll almost be a 5-6 hour ride to the long sault parkway. anyone have recos for specific routes or cool stops along the way? cheap, awesome food etc?
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    Aether Skyline Jacket (black / men's size small) Practically brand new and never worn it out on a ride ever. Click kijiji link above for details but the highlights are: - brand new is $869 + tax - Waterproof 3-layer abrasion-resistant Japanese field nylon shell - Seam sealed...
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    Female Rider fatality 401 Foldens Line, near Ingersoll. Rest in Peace. Stay safe out there.
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    Rider down in Brock Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Updated Green P mobile app includes street parking now

    I assume this is one step closer to the end of free street motorcycle parking. Uh oh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    rough vibration only from cold start, but disappears after a few minutes of riding

    so bear with me as a new rider with a dinky little bike (2013 sym wolf classic 150cc single cylinder carburated bike with 4500km on it) im hearing and feeling this grinding/crazy vibration (not totally sure where its coming from but i can feel it in the pegs and clip-on bars) when i ride the...
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    failed my m1 exit test. how to rebuild confidence?

    EDIT: ended up passing a year later!!! kinda embarassed to admit i failed the m1 exit test after reading so many posts here on how easy it is. i took the RTI beginners class and mostly rode a suzuki tu250. i didnt know any better at the time but the specific bike I rode had a really lousy...
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    is collision and comprehensive really necessary?

    I'm trying to get quotes for insurance as a beginner rider. I'm planning on getting a Suzuki TU250 used which will probably be around 3 to 4 grand. With such a low cost bike, is collision and comprehensive coverage necessary really? Because it would change my quote from 1300 down to 900 a year...
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    Looking for: Suzuki TU250x

    Will be able to purchase in the upcoming weeks. Let me know if anyone is considering selling!

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