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  1. EaZ8

    IF MC insurance was $400/yr, would you own more than one bike?

    my insurance went down this year to $500 even full coverage on a 600rr. and location, record, type of bike, bundle with home and auto..
  2. EaZ8


    I think you have a typo on the Q3+ pricing... $1,163.95 for the rear and $1132.95 for the front.
  3. EaZ8

    WTB 01 sportster 883 frame

    my friend has a 01 sportster that isnt really a sportster.. its a home built custom and he wants to put his 2 bikes on the same policy but cant because of its home built title. motor isnt even harely either, i forget the brand but its mounts are identical. looking for a 01ish generation frame...
  4. EaZ8

    digital stitch type files - .dst

    does anyone know how to make a .dst file? i want to go to lids and have a hat made as a joke for a few buddies. or does anyone know of a place that will make a hat/shirt with a jpg file?
  5. EaZ8

    WTB - Eazy pull lever or full size Pazzo - 09 600rr

    looking for a full size real Pazzo for a 09 600rr or a easy pull stunt clutch lever and perch like RSC or Elite. shorty ok for easy pull.
  6. EaZ8

    2018 Renewals vs 2017

    Please keep this format so we can all read the info clearly. goal of this thread is to help people see what companies they may want to target based on their specs. Insurance company : Bike : License class (M1,M2,M) : Year of M1 : Location : Liability only or full coverage : At fault claims in...
  7. EaZ8

    2018 SS Renewal rates - hows it looking?

    I just for my renewal in the mail a couple days ago for 2018, just curious if anyone else has got their yet. i was half expecting the rate to go up and half expecting to have my bike blacklisted and would have to hunt for a new company. good news, not blacklisted with wawanesa, at least not...
  8. EaZ8

    presents for kids, and the

    so we are looking at taking back all the usual dolls that we buy the kids, i mean really there are 3 closets full...and we want to get them a game system. no one in our house is big on gaming, i have a PS3 that i play once a year otherwise its a netflix box. so, wii is getting old, whats the...
  9. EaZ8

    WTB - RF1100 left side hinge

    the hinge on my RF1100 is worn out, its the left side (when wearing it) with the latch to pop it open just a crack. mine is worn out and skipping a bit. if you have a rf1100 thats been down but the left hinge is still good let me know. thanks.
  10. EaZ8

    1980 Honda CB750 - Project bike

    so i spent 3 years looking for her finally got it and just dont have the time. She needs some work..and by some i mean quite a bit.... i bought it a couple months ago with the intent of getting her running then a full tear down, powdercoat the frame and then building it up as a cafe build but...
  11. EaZ8

    bestman/groomsmen gift

    so im getting married in a couple months and need to figure out some sort of gift for the guys. flask has been done, we all have one... so i just dont wanta do that. we all ride together, all work on bikes...awesome what could i get them that awesome and useful? 2 of the guys are on...
  12. EaZ8

    Fitness bands/smartwatches

    my fiancee's clip on fitbit broke, or the battery died and she threw it out..whatever... so she wants a fitness band and im looking for some recommendations. im trying to keep it sub $150 and i have a few features ide like to see on it. sleep monitor, alarms, when linked with phones i want to...
  13. EaZ8

    WTB - 2007/08 CBR600rr ECU

    looking for the 07/08 ECU, not 09+ please provide the p/n on it.
  14. EaZ8

    Looking for a good DJ for a wedding- summer 2017

    Can anyone recommend a good DJ for a wedding. I'm half Italian and my fiancee is 100% Canadian. We are looking to have some traditional music for the older generations but a lot more of top 40 type style with a handful of special requests at certain times and others mixed in. Someone who can...
  15. EaZ8

    2000 Yamaha Roadstar 1600 - stalling when put in gear

    having issues with a 2000 roadstar 1600 - carbed. bike fires up and runs perfect, as soon as you put it in gear she shuts off as if you hit the kill switch. troubleshooting done so far : - unplugged kickstand sensor, issue continues. - unplugged clutch sensor, issue continues. - found out that...
  16. EaZ8

    Android Boxs - whose got 1?

    ive been thinking about cutting the cable since i honestly never use it, i just use Plex and Netflix most the time. if i ditch the cable i kinda want to give a android box a try. Im hearing that they need to be reprogrammed every once and a while and you have to pay someone to do that? what box...
  17. EaZ8

    Cheap wireless com system for rider passenger

    Looking for something cheap, only need to be able to talk to my gf on the back of my bike. Must be wireless. Don't need to link with phones or music..but music link would be awesome. Any ideas?
  18. EaZ8

    BNIB Bazzaz Z-AFM Auto mapper

    i have a bran new, sealed in box Bazzaz Z-AFM fuel mapper. Bazzaz Z-AFM Auto Fuel Mapper The Bazzaz Z-AFM Auto Fuel Mapper allows the you to quickly build custom fuel maps while riding and on a dyno. Tune for your model, year, exhaust, filter, fuel type, engine wear, modifications...
  19. EaZ8

    Gel pads for seats

    anyone know where i can get a gel pad from in canada? i want to gut then recover my passenger seat for my GF. ive got a corbin for me so im good.....just passenger seat on a 09 600rr..
  20. EaZ8

    04-up harley sportster la rosa design side saddle bag

    Same as the ones in this link, set of 2 (left and right) i only used one for about a month the other is still in the package. i havent looked at them in at least a year but i think 1 of the straps is missing...

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