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  1. ScorpionT16

    Dacre Rally 2020

    Does anone know if this is still on? I emailed them a while back and never heard back
  2. ScorpionT16

    2016 Honda CB500X

    ScorpionT16 submitted a new listing: 2016 Honda CB500X - 2016 Honda CB500X Learn more about this listing...
  3. ScorpionT16

    Switching Brokers/companies

    My policy ends in October of this year, however I would like to switch to another company starting in June/July when I pick up a new bike, how does the cancellation work ending it mid-summer, and would I owe money or get money back? Right now I'm with Dalton Timmins who has changed owners, and...
  4. ScorpionT16

    Waterproof Gear

    Question for the experienced about waterproof gear. I have a Dainese leather jacket, not waterproof. Bought an Icon DKR jacket + Alpinestar Drystar Pants, was waterproof, till I crashed in it and ripped them. Now I'm in search for new gear for next season and in a dilemma. Some say nothing is...
  5. ScorpionT16

    Thinking of going Trail/Supermoto

    I currently ride a 2016 CB500X, love the bike, though with the new 2019 changes made, and the Yamaha+KTM 700 adventure bikes announced, I'm thinking of saving some money to buy one of those when they come out. I'm looking at Husaberg TE450 now, with supermoto setup, or a WR456, blue plated...
  6. ScorpionT16

    Yamaha T700 and KTM 790 Adventure

    Two new bikes recently launched, both look really good! Too bad the Yamaha isn't expected till 2021 here, and both are over 200kg wet weight.
  7. ScorpionT16

    Dalton Timmins policy cancelled

    Anyone else receive a letter from DT saying that their policy is being cancelled? I just got it, due to "10.2 Any operator of a motorcycle licensed less than 6 years". This is ridiculous, I'm 27, clean record, ride a CB500X, M2.
  8. ScorpionT16

    Toronto to Newfounland

    I may be able to get some time of work, though not much and wondering if its possible to do a trip to Newfoundland and back within 9-10 days. With good roads, some sight seeing, and maybe a hike. What would you recommend? I wanted to do the Trans-Labrador Hwy and Cabot Trail, though it may be...
  9. ScorpionT16

    Clutch in 2nd Gear

    Recently while commuting, I've been in alot of start/stop traffic and rather than keep shifting from 1st to 2nd, then back down. I just clutch out from 2nd gear, it's pretty easy to do I find, would this be bad for the transmission over time?
  10. ScorpionT16

    Parts Upgrade on a Bike

    I got a CB500X Recently, and in the future was thinking of doing the Rally Raid Level 3 Upgrade to it. The kit with import and all, can come to around $5-6K alone, it does not add any speed or make it more risky, just more adventure ready. How would insurance go about this, since they don't...
  11. ScorpionT16

    CB500X Dilema

    I'm looking at getting a CB500X and am in the process of selling my current bike (Suzuki SV650), I just have some questions as this is my first time as a seller. 1. When I sell the SV, I'll have a UVIP and Safety Certificate for the buyer, do I just sign the ownership, collect cash, hand bike...
  12. ScorpionT16

    2005 Suzuki SV650N

  13. ScorpionT16

    Purchasing a new motorcycle

    Hello riders, I'm new to these forums, though I've been scanning and reading through threads for months, all very helpful. I just got my M2 a few weeks back, and was looking at getting a bike. I don't want to ride/insure it this year, but early next year. My dad has been riding for over...

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