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  1. HarleyHare

    Will it ever stop snowing?!

    I'm sitting in my living room right now watching huge nice fluffy white flakes falling on Richmond Hill, almost wishing it were nuclear fallout. This winter it started snowing November 1, 2019 and now we are passed Easter and it's still snowing. This has been the longest drawn-out winter on...
  2. HarleyHare

    Toronto dealer matches Pete's/Fortnine on tires

    A big shout out to Daytona Motor Sports on Steeles near 400. Just picked up a pair of tires at Pete's prices. With the pickup option there is no shipping charge. The HST is about the price of shipping, so the total cost is actually less than Pete's/Fortnine (unless you go to Montreal for...
  3. HarleyHare

    Anyone interested in a new CanAm Spyder?

    If you are considering a new Spyder this may be of interest to you. I subscribe to Bombardier products and received a $2,000 off a new Spyder promo card. If you are thinking of buying one I can give you my promo-discount card if you pick it up. PM me.
  4. HarleyHare

    Full fairing set for 2002 R6 - Blue

    A little rash on one panel which can be fixed with a little talent. Make me an offer. Also have a few other pieces such as speedometer with zero km on it. PM me if interested.
  5. HarleyHare

    Pair of Chatterbox Communicators

    Used twice about 3 years ago. Still in boxes, not a scratch includes microphone extensions for full face helmets, multi channel selection and battery chargers. Excellent reception almost 1 kilometer over flat terrain. Does not have bluetooth for music. $150 for pair. PM me if interested.
  6. HarleyHare

    Loud pipes? Grow up!

    When we were kids some of us would take an empty pack of cigarettes (they were everywhere then) and flatten and fasten them with clothes pins to our rear fame and align it with the spokes of the rear wheel and pretend to be riding loud motorcycles. Cool! Neat! What fun to pretend. But then...
  7. HarleyHare

    Video - Alps Off Road 2014

    While an awesome ride and somewhat challenging, some of us have ridden the Alps on paved roads only. This guy chose mainly off road across ice fields, narrow gravel goat paths, ancient 2 metre wide tunnels and sheer cliffs. While I did a leisurely 3,000 km in 14 days on smooth/safe pavement...
  8. HarleyHare

    For Sale - 2 Chatterbox Communicators still in boxes

    Used on two trips, everything is in perfect working order. Best offer takes them.
  9. HarleyHare

    Unbelievealbe Video - Dirt Bike Surfing in Tahiti!

    Pipe Dream - Jaw dropping stunt by Robbie Maddison. Brilliant and stupidly funny.
  10. HarleyHare

    Best Motorcycle Video Ever

    This husband and wife team "Two Wheeled Nomads" have traveled the world on motorbike for the last few years, selling all worldly possessions except their BMWs, camera gear and clothes on their back. I don't know what kind of a budget he has (he is also a professional photographer and...
  11. HarleyHare

    HVAC Vest

    About a year old but have not seen any in Ontario. Dual heated and cooled vest using portable unit. I'd buy it if they could shrink its size.
  12. HarleyHare

    Dimple Drain Plug

    Have seen these things advertised more frequently lately. Basically its an oil drain plug with a rare earth magnet core (rare earth is a very powerful magnet) which basically attracts small metal shavings from engine internals and that one can remove at every oil change. My bike, as most today...
  13. HarleyHare

    WTB Trax black aluminum pannier

    Looking to buy the left side only - TraX 45 L. Left. Black. 49 cm x 28 cm x 37 cm.
  14. HarleyHare

    WTB: Zumo GPS

    Anyone selling their Garmin Zumo or other motorcycle GPS? PM me.
  15. HarleyHare

    FS - ChatterBox Communication System

    Two FS-X2 with noise reduction units for sale. 2 mile range, choose between VOX activated setting or manual push button at handlebar, mount unit on helmet or on handlebars. Audio inputs, cell phone inputs and intercom inputs. Dial in choice of 14 channels in 38 talk groups. Wall chargers...

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