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  1. bakaboy

    Yearly Request for Your Vote

    It is that time of year when I ask my fellow motorcyclists to help me by voting for my water tank in an industry contest. There is only 1 Canadian tank in the list. Maxville is a small community in Eastern Ontario and their new water tank was painted to reflect the history of the local...
  2. bakaboy

    This Weekend. CSBK 2019 Round 1 Shannonville

    Come watch Canada's best race this weekend. Schedule can be found here. Any predictions?
  3. bakaboy

    Yearly Tank Contest

    That time of year when I turn to my motorcycle community to help vote for Canadian Tanks in the Tank of the Year competition. Vote Hamilton please
  4. bakaboy

    Winter Projects for the 2019 Race Season

    We can watch the thread on the R3 race bike build onfold. Any other interesting bike/rider combinations planned for the winter for the 2019 season? We will be rebuilding several zx6 bikes over the winter due to 2018 mishaps. And maybe a new toy....
  5. bakaboy

    WTB kawasaki ninja 2009-2012

    Looking for high mileage zx6r street bike. Cosmetics irrelevant. Title of post should have stated 600 cc but.....
  6. bakaboy

    2018 RACE Schedule out Test Days April 21/22 Round 1 May 11-13 Round 2 June 15-17 Round 3 July 13-15 Round 4 Aug 3-5 Round 5 Sep 21-23
  7. bakaboy

    Italy pocket Wifi

    Heading to Italy for some vacation over the holidays. Looking for pocket wifi service for the group of us. Lots of options online for rental but they all want to mail it to you and you send back. Really looking for an option for me to rent and physically take at Rome airport when I land and...
  8. bakaboy

    2018 CSBK Predictions

    It's early but that doesn't matter. Winter is going to be long. Have at her. Predictions for 2018?
  9. bakaboy

    FS: 2002 SV650 Track Bike Package

    REVISED Price Not a Package. Just the Bike SV650 for sale 2002 75 hp on 91 octane 78 hp on MR12 Refreshed engine in last year New gear box Ohlins 3 way rear shock Stock forks with emulators and preload adjustment Keyless gas cap EBC race pads CFM rearsets Case cover Yoshimura header pipe...
  10. bakaboy

    Water Tank Competition

    It is that time of year that I ask my motorcycle community for help. I need your votes. Please vote for the Canadian Tank in this USA dominated competition. WASAGA BEACH Easiest way is to select the tab "VOTES" Scroll down and it will be in the top 15 on...
  11. bakaboy

    FS: $5 a part 2012 2013 Honda CBR250

    3 boxes of street parts. Bikes had been turned into race bikes Bodywork, mirrors, exhaust, shocks, signals, seats All just $5 each All mint condition. Not 1 km on anything. Want them all gone Bodywork was red and candy red with silver. PM best
  12. bakaboy

    Snow City Announces 2017 CSBK Team 4 racers announced.
  13. bakaboy

    FS: 2013 CBR250R OEM Muffler - $40

    Have 3 Brand new. Never used. Removed when converted to race bike $50 each PM Best
  14. bakaboy

    For Sale: Race bike 2016 Kawasaki Ninja 300

    For Sale: Bike and Race Package ‎Approximately 3100 kms. (400 kms on it when we got it) Kawasaki Canada build with: ABS K-Tech Front Fork Internals Elka Rear Shock Hot Bodies Race Bodywork Quick Shifter Hindle Muffler Hindle rearset lift plates Dynojet Fuel Commander 36 hp on CSBK Dyno We...
  15. bakaboy

    Sept 8 SMP Riders Choice Track Day

    Anyone planning on going that are coming from Kingston or points East? Anyone willing to bring a passenger from Kingston in the morning? Save me the drive. I'll take him back at the end of the day
  16. bakaboy

    Hindle 2016 Contigency

    Thought this would be posted by now. Support our racing supporters Support our Canadian racing supporters. Our 4 bikes are gridding for 2016 and all with Hindle.
  17. bakaboy

    RACE 2016 Schedule

    2016 RACE SUPERSERIES SCHEDULE May 13, 14 & 15 Long or Pro June 10, 11& 12, 2016 Long or Pro! July 1, 2 & 3, 2016 Nelson! August 5, 6 & 7, 2016 Long or Pro! September 23, 24 & 25, 2016 Long or Pro
  18. bakaboy

    NEED YOUR VOTE - Nobleton Water Tank

    Need as many votes as possible in the next 3 hours as I can get. The only Canadian Tank is falling in the list. I need to be top 10. Vote for Nobleton now
  19. bakaboy

    FS: Honda CBR250 2013 2014 Street Kits

    For sale Complete street set for 3 bikes Kit includes: All street bodywork Street muffler Mirrors Tail section Headlight All turn signals OEM rear shock 2 kits are 2014 Honda red 1 kit is 2013 Honda deep red $500 for each kit Kit sale only. No partials. Showroom condition. Parts were...
  20. bakaboy

    WTB: SV650 1st Gen - Race Parts

    Looking to expand my supply of spares. Let me know what you have. PM is good.

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