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  1. AF4iK

    1997 gsx-r 600 srad

    1997 Suzuki GSX-R 600 SRAD She runs good, minor cosmetic damage, recent work done to replace parts. 69,343 kms on the odo. $2200 The deets:
  2. AF4iK

    Couple minor site bugs/annoyances

    SOLVED: See post #5 below. Thanks to PrivatePilot Not sure if it's just me but I've been noticing a couple of minor annoying bugs for a long time now. 1. When replying with a quote, the blinking cursor is located just under the quotation by default. If I just start typing away the text box...
  3. AF4iK

    Tank slapper... in a car?

    So I just heard the term "tank slapper" being used for the first time to describe a car losing control. Apparently the term is fairly common in car circles but I fail to see how it makes any sense. Is this one borrowed from the bike world? Gotta be right? One friend explained that fuel...
  4. AF4iK

    A Life Worth Living - an ADV film

    Inspired by Long Way Round. It follows John Eldredge and his sons. Eldredge is a Christian author so I just hope it isn't a Christian sermon in disguise.
  5. AF4iK

    Quick Links / Subscribed Threads

    Hey Paul, is there an easy way to have a Subscribed Threads link or the Quick Links menu available all the time at the top of the page? For example, when reading New Posts there's no link to go directly to my subscribed threads. Users have to navigate to a more generic page like the forums or...
  6. AF4iK

    Sena Helmet Prototype

    Price is a bit steep but I love the idea
  7. AF4iK

    CargoSmart S-Curve Ramp?

    Has anyone used this ramp before? If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. It's on sale at CT right now for $99. As far as I can tell CT is the only store that sells it.
  8. AF4iK

    FS: HELD Phantom II Gauntlets size 8 (M) in North York

    Size 8 (M), black. Worn exactly twice on 2 short rides around town. I really wish they worked out for me but unfortunately they don't suit my hand proportions so I can't operate the throttle comfortably. Don't think I need to explain why these gloves are awesome so if you're interested here's a...
  9. AF4iK

    Thinking of a buying a lift, opinions wanted...

    ...opinions about the lift that is ;) Actually, there are 3 that I'm looking at and I'd like to get some feedback from users who have used or owned any of these: Princess Auto 1000 lb foot-pump operated - $350 Royal Distributing 1000 lb air/hydraulic - $570 Princess Auto 1000 lb...
  10. AF4iK

    Man buried on motorcycle

    How would you wanna go?
  11. AF4iK

    Landlord died; his family crazy. Advice please

    I know we've got some landlords around gtam so I'm hoping someone can help get me on the right track. This is a two part question. Part 1 My landlord passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. Now, his mother is collecting the rent cheques and without really questioning it I gave her some post...
  12. AF4iK

    Pulled over for obstructed tag in North York

    I posted this in another forum and got flamed by people who can't read... so I'll try to phrase it better here to curb misunderstanding. I had a competition werkes plate hanger mounted way down low under the battery tray. Looking at it while standing behind the bike it seemed perfectly visible...
  13. AF4iK

    Parking tickets when renewing permit

    I just went to renew my plate sticker today and found out I have $92 in overdue parking tickets. I haven't had any tickets that I'm aware of in the past year, however, I paid for it because I need my bike on the road. I'm planning to take the transaction record to the ticket office to complain...
  14. AF4iK

    LifeProof iPhone 4/4s case (BNIB) + used bar mount

    SOLD Brand new LifeProof case for iPhone 4 and 4s. Still in box, never been opened. + Used LifeProof bar mount kit in perfect working...
  15. AF4iK

    FS: LED Tail light for 1st gen 600RR modded for 2nd gen RR

    SOLD I just received my new tail light so I'm putting my old one up for sale. It's an integrated LED unit for a 1st gen Honda CBR600RR that has been modified to fit a second gen 600RR. I don't know if it'll still fit a 1st gen due to the mod so I'm targeting 2nd gen buyers who don't want to...
  16. AF4iK

    80s Kids: Hostess Barbecue Chicken Potato Chips?

    Does anyone remember this awesome flavour? Hands down my favourite of all time for all eternity and beyond. Except none of my friends remember it! I recall feeling devastated when Lays took over Hostess. Barbecue Chicken was replaced with the vastly inferior "Roast Chicken" and good ol' BBQ has...
  17. AF4iK

    Clutch cable adjustment question [min safe engagement point]

    Hey guys, I installed a RSC clutch lever on sunday which required me to adjust the cable length. I did so from the lower adjustment nuts first followed by fine tuning at the perch. My question is, how much clutch engagement is acceptable when the lever is fully pulled in? I had the bike up on...
  18. AF4iK

    '07+ 600RR Right Mid Fairing (silver) *mint* + flush mount

    ***SOLD*** I accidentally bought a right side when I need a left. Part is OEM and in like-new condition, never been used. Also includes a flush mount signal pre-installed. I'd like to trade this for an OEM blue-silver left upper fairing or silver left mid fairing. Must be in excellent...
  19. AF4iK

    Man drives into rock slide...

    ...and says he didn't see it! Kind of an old video but don't think it's been posted yet. Relation to motorcycles: it occured near the tail of the dragon
  20. AF4iK

    Velocity Naked Leather Jacket Review

    Finally got the opportunity to ride in the Velocity Naked Leather Jacket I bought from Jimmy recently and thought I'd post an initial review since none seem to exist. I'd like to point out in advance that this is my first leather riding jacket. I've owned a couple of mesh jackets but never...

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