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  1. Car2Slo

    Wanted: Tent trailer rental for mid Juy 15-17 weekend

    I've had good luck on this forum with strange requests so thought I'd try again. Looking to rent a tent trailer (pop-up trailer) for weekend of July 15th. Needed for Friday, Saturday and return Sunday. If you're thinking of selling then this may be a good opportunity to let me try before...
  2. Car2Slo

    FS/WTT: 1972 Honda CL350 cafe racer project w/spares+++

    SOLD! Picked this up a couple weeks ago and still using it as a display bike in the shop. Looks gorgeous and needs little work to get it running and impressing the streets of Toronto. Well underway to being restored and given the cafe look. Pics below. 100's of spares including spare...
  3. Car2Slo

    LF: Electrician who can help with work on my retail property?

    Looking to help out the GTAM community before I go outside but if we can help each other even better. Looking for someone in Markham area able to do electrical work on my small commercial retail property. Basically need to run couple of outlets in ceiling to power window sign and spotlight...
  4. Car2Slo

    "The call of the void" or "The imp of the perverse", anyone ever feel it riding?

    "The call of the void" or "The imp of the perverse", anyone ever feel it riding? Before reading this article in one of my favourite blogs I thought I was the only one. Turns out there are many (some) others that feel the pull...
  5. Car2Slo

    Family day, a day to remember. I'm no longer the man!

    Well this will be a family day for me to remember. It's official, I've been beat and there will be no way for me to take it back. It was fair and square, I gave it all I could but I have been finally beaten. The story: I've been spending a few hours over the past few days with my sons and in...
  6. Car2Slo

    New emissions test coming?

    I saw a brief intro on local news but did not catch the story. Supposedly they say a new Ontario emissions test is coming early 2013. They will hookup the machines to your computer (ODB) and not use a sniffer for most modern cars. Older cars will still use a pipe test. I don't get how this...
  7. Car2Slo

    FS: Aftermarket Fairings for 99-'07 Suzuki Hayabusa w/tank cover and seat hump

    Selling of my lightly used Rockstar Makita Hayabusa fairings. Order from MotorcyclefairingsRUs and in great shape. Turns out my wife does want to have a say on how my bike looks and has told me to put back my original Orange / Black fairings as the new ones are too sporty :( . Great...
  8. Car2Slo

    Old car buffs which would get, Classic Porsche 911 turbo or '67 Shelby AC Cobra?

    Thought this would be an easy choice but surprised how much of a wedge this has put to my buddies. I'm dreaming of my next ride (besides a lambo which requires medication to dream of) and tossed between a classic look (1977-1989) Porsche 911 widebody turbo (authentic) and the '65-'67 Shelby AC...
  9. Car2Slo

    LF: Someone who can help me with a deal on windows capping - Markham area

    Looking for a fellow rider that does or has a hookup on windows capping. I've got older wooden framed windows and am tired of painting them so I'd like to get them capped. PM me if you can help get them done this year. Thanks.
  10. Car2Slo

    How long will stabilized gas last in open / vented container?

    I'm having a hard time starting one of my motors and wondering how long gasoline will last in an vented / open container once it's stabilized? I added stabilizer in October but suspect the tank is not perfectly sealed.
  11. Car2Slo

    FS: Gen 1, Suzuki GSX1300R / Hayabusa bodywork, turbo kit, YSR, other bikes

    Pics coming soon. First grab of these goodies for GTAM members before they go on Kijiji. 1. 2002-2007 (maybe earlier) Suzuki Hayabusa complete turbo kit - Price $OLD! - Great price point for a slightly used turbo kit. - Kit is complete and ready to bolt on - Turbo (confirming model and size...
  12. Car2Slo

    Anyone know somebody that sells Walbro inline fuel pumps locally (GTA)?

    I've got a need to replace my inline fuel pump and want to go with a Walbro 255lph HP. Does anyone in GTA have this locally versus me having one shipped up from the US? Help me from being 1-2 weeks out from riding my Busa, thanks.
  13. Car2Slo

    Motorcycle Fairings R Us - Aftermarket custom fairings

    I took a leap of faith and ordered an aftermarket fairing set for my 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa from Motorcycle Fairings R Us. So far the experience has been great with Stephen and Motorcycle Fairings R Us and I wanted to recommend them to those thinking about ordering. Stephen has been very...
  14. Car2Slo

    Makes me long for the warm night rides!

    Great video up in HD; Spoiler comment: Surprised he ended up being a hospital worker (nurse) as most that I know hate motorcycles (too much aftermath seen).
  15. Car2Slo

    Whole new meaning to Ghost riding.

    Hope not a dupe; I only wish I was this good! *** Kids, don't try this at home.
  16. Car2Slo

    WANTED: To rent garage space or storage for small vehicle, prefer near Markham/Scarb

    I've got too many toys and need a covered / secured spot to store one of my vehicles. If you have or aware of a rental space that secured and covered (no condo's please) please PM me with details and monthly rental? Spot would have to be away from prying eyes and allow me easy access all times...
  17. Car2Slo

    Cheap GPS device @ Canadian Tire, may be great for warm weather rides.

    Canadian Tire is clearing out their Curtis GPD358 GPS devices for $47.99. Going fast so look around and grab one while you can. Small screen, light weight and runs on 12v so you can cut one into your bike battery. I picked up a...
  18. Car2Slo

    Copy of the M Test (M2X) checklist!

    Personal and examiner information has been removed but here is a copy of the M exit (license for full M) checklist that they use when doing you road test. The line items are everything they look for with a mark for each failure. 26 marks or a critical error will get you failed. Someone feel...

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