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    Car and motorcycle dealers open.

    As of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday, May 19, 2020: Vehicle dealerships and retailers Vehicle dealerships and retailers, including: New and used car, truck, and motorcycle dealers. Recreational vehicle (RV) dealers (e.g., campers, motor homes, trailers, travel trailers). Boat, watercraft and marine...
  2. cycling

    River Road and Prince of Wales road closed.
  3. cycling

    Multistrada recall

    2018 Sidestand may break. This seems to be a common fault with the Diavel. 2012-2013. Mine broke. 2012 Diavel Was also on a recall list. NHTSA Recall ID Number :19V825Manufacturer :Ducati North AmericaSubject :Side Stand May Break Make Model Model Years DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1260 2018
  4. cycling

    Southwood Road. Condition???????????

    As the above headline says. Have not done it in about the last 4-5 years, too sandy. Is it any better? Doing Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Port Carling, 118, 35/155, Monck Road. Would like to include Southwood. Please and thanks.
  5. cycling

    Roads slightly North of TO. River road, 118, 35/115

    Muskoka area. Gravenhurst, Parry Sound. N. Bay. Minden. Am I too optimistic? Thanks.
  6. cycling

    I like to share my knowledge. Re Tyres.

  7. cycling

    Oil, etc questions.

    What and where do you buy your blinker fluid. Best price.? Thanks.
  8. cycling

    Why First responders/Paramedics, EMt`s, Ski Patrol. do not rush once on scene.

    If you’ve ever been a witness at a motorcycle crash scene you may have noticed that medics (ambulance officers and paramedics) do not seem to be in any rush. I was at the scene of a crash on Abercrombie Rd near Obern, NSW, and several riders were anxious and expressed concern because the first...
  9. cycling

    Where to mount your EZ Pass Transponder

    Asking the above. Crossing with a Nexus pass. Assume, stop, flash the pass. Then onto the EZ pass transponder. Peace Bridge/Whirlpool into USA and or Ambassador bridge Windsor. Ontario. With a dark windshield. Please and Thanks. :-)
  10. cycling

    Motorcycle rack to mount on car

    Anybody have one? Any ideas where to get one. Type, etc. Prefer to a trailer. Please and thanks
  11. cycling

    Caberg Duke Legend Italia Flip-Up Helmet

    As the above title says. Brand new. Bought this last year August. Never used. Size small. Non smoking house. $250 obo.
  12. cycling

    Highway 10. South of 89

    Have not seen this posted. Travelling South or North. Two sets of lights due to roadwork. No gravel, just long wait times. PIA.
  13. cycling

    CAA Wait times. Any other recommendations?

    I waited 5 frigging hours for CAA hours to arrive. Dispatch lied saying they will be there at such and such a time. What sort of wait times have you had? What companies have you joined? Canadian Tires, etc. Please and thanks.
  14. cycling

    Radioworld sucks.

    I used to be a faithful customer. Lately, when I go there to get small items they are not interested. I usually go midweek when it is not busy. Wanted a couple of cradle holders for a Garmin Zumo 395 and the same for a Garmin Nuvi 40. Do not have it in stock. Not so much as let me see if I can...
  15. cycling

    Broke down on 50. Between Ridge road and 8.

    Pulled over for a quick break. Put the kickstand down which broke, throwing me into the road. No big deal except a car had to take quick evasive action to avoid running over the top of me. Lady got out to see if I was OK. Yes. Offered to help in any way that she could. What a sweetheart. I know...
  16. cycling

    Going back to Zumo 660. From Zumo 395.

    As the above titles states. Way better screen.( Zumo 660) Easier to read. Maybe it was my impression to go to the 395. Thought that it would lead me to the twisty roads. Nope it only tells me what is in front of me. Better picture on the 660. Anybody else disappointed on the Zumo 395? Great day...
  17. cycling

    Perth. Ontario. Best Motel to stay at? Going Monday.

    As the above title says. Perth Plaza Inn & Suites. Tay Inn. Colonial House Motor Inn. Or any other suggestions. Please and thanks. :-)
  18. cycling

    Brampton Thieves caught.

    More scum off the streets. Also named.
  19. cycling

    Go Pro Frame broke.

    As the above post states. Riding along at normal speed, Country road. Look down and my Go Pro is Gone. Broke at the section where it is mounted on the Female/Male section. Unfortunately, Lost and gone. Get home, download the rear camera. Saw it bounce, and then get lost in the undergrowth...
  20. cycling

    Trackimo Canada. Bankrupt.

    Bought mine from Trackimo. Burlington. So far have been dealing with there NY Branch. Really helpful. I had a 2G. Not working anymore. If you need to stay with them, you might have to go to the 3G. More money. Or, go with another Company. If so please let me know your choice of Trackers. Or...

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