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  1. nakkers

    Elliptical Machine Purchase - New or Used? What to look for

    Looking to avoid dropping big bucks on something. Wife and I enjoy the commercial equipment at Good Life but, that’s been out for a while. We have space for it. So many different makes, how do you choose? Fitness Depot will be glad to take our money. I’d rather buy from someone that doesn’t...
  2. nakkers

    Self Check Out or Use Cashier

    Save jobs or do it yourself? Wife hates them. Told her I used to have a paper route and they don’t exist anymore. I don’t see the sense in waiting in line to have someone stand there and swipe purchases, take payment and hand me a receipt. I’d rather the store have knowledgeable employees...
  3. nakkers

    Vegas in January/February

    Been to Vegas before. Read the other threads of folks renting and riding. Most appear to go down in March. I’m there for a work gig and have an open day to myself. A little nervous booking in advance and finding the conditions less than favourable. Anyone rent a bike on the same day...
  4. nakkers

    2018-10-10 r.i.p. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. nakkers


    Well gang, I’m out of motorcycling indefinitely. Could return sometime down the road and not making any bold predictions about the future. So I’m going the old man route and picked up MGB to bomb around the country side with my wife and don’t have to gear up. Will miss leaning but will...
  6. nakkers

    2013 Ford C Max SEL

    Purchased anticipating a job change and no need for it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. nakkers

    1991 Kawasaki Zephyr 550

    My fall purchase must go. Wife says I already have enough. Just looking to get what I paid. In St Catharines. $1200 as is...
  8. nakkers

    Hybrid Vehicles

    We have an extensive thread on EVs and didn’t want to side track for the topic. Might be looking at new vehicle purchase and a Hybrid caught my eye. More systems, more problems or the benefit worth the extra complexity? Looked the the Kia Niro and they don’t have their plug in Hybrid...
  9. nakkers

    Gas Fireplaces

    We installed a Napoleon gas fireplace at the previous house. 30,000 btu. Manual adjustable flame. No fan. Heated the basement area excellent. We bought for $1999.00 plus tax and installation was included. We had to build the base/surround. Etc. They did the vent, gas hook up etc...
  10. nakkers

    Camera Recommendations - Decison Made

    Not sure what happened to my original post? Didn’t get a PM from a mod to advise I did something inappropriate. In any event, I did get to see many of the replies and input. Full disclosure, we are a simple household. And I know a proper camera with a lens or two would be best, I usually am...
  11. nakkers

    Rider Down - QEW Fort Erie Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. nakkers

    Military Theme Motorcycles

    Never served my country so, my opinion really doesn’t hold much value. But, I suppose civilians do ride machines that can have a military theme. HD has the soft tail in green with white star. Also noticed Indian has a Call of Duty version for their Scout. I think they look cool...
  13. nakkers

    Snow Blower Recommendations

    The new place has a wide and long driveway. Got kids and shovels for cheap labor. Problem is, they only know video games. I'm in St Catharines so, winter snow fall can vary. When in London, I could count on snow. Here? Maybe I wait it out and bite the bullet if I can't get the kids to shove...
  14. nakkers

    Washer & Dryer Recommendation

    Recently moved and lost the front load Samsung units in the previous house. New place has old top load washer and equivalent dryer. Should just leave this to the wife to decide. Anyways.........anyone updated their set recently? Price point, features you can't live without? Brands...
  15. nakkers

    What Inspired You to Ride?

    Reading a different thread and thought I'd ask. For me, I always wanted to ride. Evil Knievel jumping Caesar 's Palace, my aunt taking me out on her RD350 back in the 70s. Neighbourhood friends with beat up RZ125 or KX80 dirt bikes. Watching Rainy or Lawson squirming around the track...
  16. nakkers

    Star buck

    Right now all payment terminals are not working. If you don't have cash, your purchase is on the house! Thank me later. It's right across Canada. Ahem, Starbucks Canada. Not Starbuck. Damn keyboard! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. nakkers

    Alberta Photo Speeding Ticket

    Just received notice from the car rental agency I got myself a speeding ticket. 121 km/h in a 100. Seem I get one ticket every year. This is the first out of province. Not really economical to return to Edmonton to try and get a reduced ticket in traffic court. Just pay the damn thing and...
  18. nakkers

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    Why do dental hygienist ask questions and while scaling and cleaning teeth? Seriously? So, how was your weekend? Any plans this summer? Not exactly a yes or no or short answer kind of question. Is it a game? Do they want to make things go longer? Can they translate the responses...
  19. nakkers

    Recent T.O. Rider

    Sorry the only video link I can find is with facebook.......
  20. nakkers

    Snow Machine & Moto Duel Jump

    Something to watch during the off season.

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