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  1. wantsabike

    2005 Kawasaki zx636r
  2. wantsabike

    2005 zx636r

    A few local riders on here can vouch for this bike :)
  3. wantsabike

    Attention officers on the forum !!!

    Any cops on here, that would be willing to answer a few questions I have about some legal things ... if so please send me a pm as I'd rather not have this be public to everyone to see any hekp would be great !!!
  4. wantsabike

    Quaker parrot with cages and accessories

    Selling my Quaker parrot she is about a year old now. Comes with a large cage as well as large playgym for when she is out and travelling cage all have water and food bowls and toys any food and treats I have will go with her as well She has not been DNA tested but her name is kiwi and she...
  5. wantsabike

    Hand grip replacement suggestions ???

    I need to replace the hand grips in my zx636 can anyone recommend a nice comfy set ?? Prolly why my hands Would fall asleep always lol
  6. wantsabike

    Attention Black bikes with LEDS (ground effects)

    Do you guys have kits on your bikes, if so which kind and what are they worth as well as how do you like them and how is the durability ? :) reason i I ask is that mi zx636 is all black with red rims so was thinking a red but would love to see what you guys have as well as your input :)
  7. wantsabike

    RPAL holders ?!?!

    Who's got there handgun license here ? Where did you go to do it and what was the cost ? Can I just take a course for my restricted? Or do I need to get my standard fire arms license then do another for restricted??
  8. wantsabike

    Sprocket swap !!!

    I've got myself a 05 Zx636r believe it is stock sprockets but not 100% sure anyway I was wondering and checking online about different setups on these bikes and some people are at -1/stock and say it give a little more umph to her but some are saying that the perfect setup is -1/+2 now if I...
  9. wantsabike

    Failed with a burnout :( help ! :)

    So I tried doing a burnout in my bike for the very first time and I couldn't get it to get loose if I revd it enough the bike would just creep forward no wheel spin and if it wasn't doing that it would stall out ..... And ns yes I was off the seat and leaning forward mind you I'm only 160lbs...
  10. wantsabike

    Guelph ride today Sunday jul 3

    Anyone free and want to ride ?? Im bored and everyone gone for the weekend lol the sooner the better :)
  11. wantsabike

    Armoured vest

    So I've been thinking of looking into a armoured vest for myself as Somedays it just to hot to have my jacket on does anyone have one and where did you get it and how do you like it ? Ideally I want something all black or close to being all black as my bike and helmet are totally black any...
  12. wantsabike

    WANTED TO BUY - rear seat zx636

    Looking for a rear seat to fit 05 zx636 will also buy cover as well if ya have it
  13. wantsabike

    Guelph riders ???

    Lookin for some guys to ride with from Guelph here any Guys on here wanna ride sometime ?? I don't have any buddies to ride with anymore and looking for some people to tour with ... send me a message if you're game :) five one nine five zero one four six five one rob :)
  14. wantsabike

    My new ride !!

    Picked up my new to me 05 zx636r :) Ended up changing the licence plate holder finally too lol well apparently my pics aren't small enough to load ?? Fml lol
  15. wantsabike

    Gi pro gear indicator

    Anyone have a gear indicator on their bike ? I had one in my hayabusa and loved it and wanna get one for my zx636r where can I buy one ? Does royal distributing carry them ?
  16. wantsabike

    Mechanic to safety my as is bike

    So I'm lookin at buying a bike from a member on here but he can't safety the bike due to. It not having insurance on it anymore it was certified in April last year and hasnt been used since.....and hasn't sold as he is very peculiar on who he sells to (no new riders or young guys) now I was...
  17. wantsabike

    2004 ktm 625smc !!!

    looking to sell my 04 ktm 625smc supermoto 39,xxxkm on entire bike motor has 14-15k on it since total rebuild everything was replaced bolts washer screws everything you name it !! (previous owner spared no expense when rebuilding motor) and was done at ktm dealer so you know it was done right...
  18. wantsabike

    changing my gearing :)

    so my 04 ktm 625smc is suppose to have 17/40 from factory but turns out someone has replaced em with a more hwy gearing 16/38 !! booooo so I decided to get a 15t front sprocket. leaving rear as 38t aswell figure that down 1t up front is 2.5-3t up in the back....therefore that would put me...
  19. wantsabike

    Full M road test question and help and tips :)

    so i have to do my m2 exit test this summer, have till august to get it ... long story short i didnt have a bike for a couple years curious if anyone has any tips ? and when ya need to keep your rear brake covered do you rest left foot on ground then right foot on peg/rear brake then when ya...
  20. wantsabike

    powder coating rims

    what have you had done and were do you go for it ? looking into gettin my rims done this year, do i need to disassemble them ? or do the coaters do it ? what have yous payed ? im looking for someone in guelph hopefully

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