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  1. Hardwrkr13

    Lower Faraday Rd (getting repaved)

    For anyone that hits Lower Faraday, it was poor last year and is now partially torn up for a repave/chiptar sometime this year.
  2. Hardwrkr13

    SW-Motech Rear Rack - Multistrada

    Hardwrkr13 submitted a new listing: SW-Motech Rear Rack - Multistrada - SW-Motech Rear Rack - Multistrada Learn more about this listing...
  3. Hardwrkr13

    SW-Motech Rear Rack - Multistrada

    Hardwrkr13 submitted a new listing: SW-Motech Rear Rack - Multistrada - SW-Motech Rear Rack - Multistrada Learn more about this listing...
  4. Hardwrkr13

    EARPEACE Performance Plugs

    Has anyone given these a try? They were in sale during Black Friday so I picked up their motorsport pair. Did a quick A/B test against my usual foam cheapies and music was clearer with the Earpeace units (medium level insert). Haven't been able to test against wind noise but I'll give them a...
  5. Hardwrkr13

    Burnt River GTAM Day

    Just a proposal: Any interest in a GTAM track day at Burnt River? I haven't been up yet this year and figured it's time before the snow flies. Preferably during the week as I'm slow.
  6. Hardwrkr13

    Interesting Spare Bike (Big Naked/Firehawk/Hornet/SV1000/1125CR/etc)

    I've been searching for a spare fun runaround bike to join my bagger in the garage but I'm having trouble deciding what bike I want. It doesn't need bags, I have to like how it looks, not an SS. Age isn't a factor as long as I can find parts and fuel range doesn't matter. V-twin would be a...
  7. Hardwrkr13

    Portable Air Compressors

    Looking into having a portable air compressor to keep in my saddlebags for flats. Thinking of this one unless anyone has any better choices.
  8. Hardwrkr13

    Cabot Trail Highlands *Construction*

    As I know some of you are likely planning on heading out to do the Cabot Trail this summer. I spent last week there and about 30% of the west side in the Highlands is under construction and won't be done anytime soon (expect long delays as well). Doesn't make the road as much fun to travel...
  9. Hardwrkr13

    Ride Report - 7 states, 4250km, 8 Days

    Big thanks to Shane Kingsley for helping me with routes. Left Toronto June 10th with 4 friends on their HD's headed for York, PA. Hit rain an hour south of the border but arrived ok slightly cold and wet. They wanted to do the Harley factory tour so we did that the following morning which was...
  10. Hardwrkr13

    Earplugs But Still Hear Sena Music

    I usually wear 3M earplugs (32dB) to stop wind noise but at speed I can't hear much detail in the music from my 20S (extended volume on). I'd rather not go back to headphones. Any other earplugs to try that would work better?
  11. Hardwrkr13

    Route and Fun to Nasheville Including TOTD/Blue Ridge/Etc

    Leaving June 9th and arriving home the 17th or a day or two later. Destination from Durham region to Nashville. It'll be 5 of us on the bagger couches so not a knee-down ride. I've never seen Nashville and they've never done any of the fun roads south of PA. So I need a route down and back...
  12. Hardwrkr13

    Free CF Pipe Guard: 02KTM 250 or Similar

    If anyone can make use of a carbon fiber pipe guard off a '02 KTM 250SX it's yours free. Should fit a few diff models but won't fit my '18. Pick it up in Bailieboro. Don't ask me to deliver it or "do you come to Toronto".
  13. Hardwrkr13

    KTM 2T's vs Others

    I'd like to add a 250 2T to my garage to go alongside the YZ450F. I grew up on motocross 2T's but have no experience with the KTM's so I'm intrigued. Hearing a lot more horror stories about them compared to others but still many think they're God's gift to offroad. So worth the hype or should I...
  14. Hardwrkr13

    507 Two Dead and Two Dead on 7

    Two dead and others with injuries (three bikes in total) on the 507 today. Two dead and others with injuries (3-4 bikes in total) on Hwy 7 near Havelock yesterday. RIP to those that passed. GWS to the others involved.
  15. Hardwrkr13

    Daytrips From Niagara

    We're spending a few days in Niagara and looking for some good routes using there as a home-base. Any ideas?
  16. Hardwrkr13

    Alpinestars GP-Pro Glove and HJC Helmet

    - Alpinestars GP-Pro gloves. Size XL (fit like a L). Excellent condition and barely used. $80 - HJC Dagger helmet Size Medium. Excellent condition (no drops or marks). Comes with both tinted and clear visors (both no scratches). $80 - HJC Pinlock shield. New in packaging. $10 (fits both above...
  17. Hardwrkr13

    How to Pick Aftermarket Bars

    Just curious, since I'm fiddling around with the bike in the garage awaiting good weather. Since there's dozens of different bar bends is there a technique at all to pick a bar bend that suits you? Not like you can take your bike there and install each bar to see how it feels.
  18. Hardwrkr13

    Dirtbike Parts (Spring/Protaper/Filters/Bodywork/etc) 1. Original Yamaha oem plastic front fender, rear fender, both side panel number plates, both radiator shrouds with original...
  19. Hardwrkr13

    Nice Sedans that can Tow?

    Would like to go back to a midsize/full sedan from my SUV and has decent fuel mileage. Needs to be able to tow a single axle utility trailer (I'm guessing around 1200lbs) plus another 1000lbs of toys loaded on it. Would like something nice looking and somewhat interesting to drive (ie. not a...
  20. Hardwrkr13

    Route to Nashville

    Looking at heading to Nashville end of May for a few days. 2-3 days to get there a same back. Anyone have some route suggestions?

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