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  1. Kri$han

    GIVI S955B Smartphone/GPS Holder

    Kri$han submitted a new listing: GIVI S955B Smartphone/GPS Holder - GIVI S955B Smartphone/GPS Holder Learn more about this listing...
  2. GIVI S955B Smartphone/GPS Holder

    GIVI S955B Smartphone/GPS Holder

    Used for one season with an iPhone SE (5), until I upgraded to an iPhone XS which does not fit into this thing. Its in great condition, but I just want it out of my house. Since most people have phones too large to fit in this, maybe you'll have another use for it (GPS?). MOTORCYCLE...
  3. 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300SE ABS

    2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300SE ABS

    Ninja 300SE ABS for sale; 4943 kms My wife and I got lucky when we found this bike and bought it in May 2019; we are the second owners - she rode it for one season, and cannot ride this year (or probably next). Rather than store it for two years, we’d like to sell it *you, for you to enjoy...
  4. Kri$han

    2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300SE ABS

    Kri$han submitted a new listing: 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300SE ABS - 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300SE ABS Learn more about this listing...
  5. Kri$han

    New Chain time - DIY Help Needed!

    Looks like it's time to replace my chain, again - now at 65k kms, my 04 SV650N has killed its second chain on original sprockets. I was gonna take it to Ace Moto and get this done, but last night as I turned onto my street, the chain jumped off the rear sprocket :(So, I'm not so sure I wanna...
  6. Kri$han

    BNIB Milwaukee Sawzall 12A 6519-31

    Never used! I bought at a charity auction, but TBH, I didn't need it for the project I wanted it for. My loss, your gain.
  7. Kri$han

    FREE Textile JACKET

    Free to a good GTAM home. Textile >6 years old Came with my bike from the previous owner, I kept it as a "guest jacket", so I've never used it. Medium size Two shoulder vents Two rear vents Zip-out full-sleeve liner Two outer pockets and one inner pocket. Includes back, shoulder and...
  8. Kri$han

    Passive Noise Cancelling Ear Phones

    Plug phones! I ordered two sets by accident :( Offered to GTAM members for $25. Works great for riding, with the included "foam earphones" offering 25dB noise reduction. Plug Phones: ear phones with passive noise cancelling on Kijiji...
  9. Kri$han

    Bent Handlebar

    This is more of a cry in need for help from someone that has more/better tools than I do, than a technical question (mods please move if this is in the wrong location); I have a suburban-machinery type II handlebar ( that has been bent as the result of...
  10. Kri$han

    Battery Woes

    Just tried to start it up for the season and my battery won't start the bike - turns all the lights on, but not enough amperage to turn the motor over. Background: - I had a Yuasa battery for ~4 seasons, and I used to leave it in the bike and hook it up to a trickle charger when I stored it...
  11. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    I'm not even going to read your post, because that's not what I was trying to say at all LOL I was just trying to dispute your point about a "driving instructor's" word as being gospel. I can't even count the number of times I've seen driving instructors poorly teaching students in their cars...
  12. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Aaaaaalllrighty then - but let's try to not mislead any would-be dinguses in there that might start to think that was a passing lane, mmmmkay? Read the posts again; we're not talking about crossing solid lines, we're talking about driving in the middle lane of a two-way road that has thick...
  13. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    My quick search yielded this link:
  14. Kri$han

    Your Mental Image of other Forum Users

    Saw this on another forum, and thought it would be fun here; with all the characters on GTAM Post what you think the members here look like! I'll start: inreb MacDoc -JERICHO- AGAVE PrivatePilot hedo2002 matthew Dricked Joe Bass JFD KJM :p ;)
  15. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    LMFAO This thread makes my day every time I check it. matthew; you're either a magnet for this ****, or you do a LOOOOOOTTTTT of driving, man. Work van, amirite? I commute across the city everyday, so I do a fair amount too, but I don't catch as many mistakes and poor driving as you do...
  16. Kri$han

    O'Neill Freedom (L) Snowboarding Jacket

    Check it ouuuuuuttttt: Selling cuz it doesn't fit me, and I rarely wore it (maybe 5 times). Pretty sure I impulse bought it - would make a good "cold day" jacket, as its really *really* warm. O'Neill Freedom (L) snowboarding jacket on Kijiji...
  17. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    The sometimes Drivers make mistakes of Ontario Thread
  18. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    yeah yeah, "armchair experts", I get it. Again; based on the relative speed (or acceleration) of the two cars, the dash-cam car would have had to slow down at MINIMUM, even if it was a lane change! but that guy felt "he was in the right" and drove without any consideration of the car nearby. I...
  19. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    This is so incredibly stupid on account of BOTH drivers. The guy in the matrix is obviously wrong, for obvious reasons, but the dash-cam car driver could have easily foreseen that guy doing something stupid through a simple analysis of the situation and his vehicle positioning: Signal is on...
  20. Kri$han

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Beat me to it (The FR-S hood, that is)! Don't forget to wave ;)

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