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  1. Morrissey

    She is finally home.

    Well one thing you can do is get those sill warning stickers off the fuel tank!
  2. Morrissey

    Motorcycle Camping Tents

    Literally ANY tent is a good moto-camping tent as long as it packs up small! I have had the same 7x7 "3 man" tent since 1998. I bought it at Walmart on sale and it has survived 20 trips to Ride for Sight as well as several other non-moto camping trips. It is 2 poles and a rain fly so set...
  3. Morrissey

    Covid era motorcycle adventure options.

    I'm even putting off travel to Quebec for the time being as their Covid numbers are still worst in the country. I was considering riding the Gaspe this summer but not so sure now. I work with vulnerable seniors so I have to be extra careful about where I go and what I do for now. Iceland has...
  4. Morrissey

    #42 June 12-14, 2020 Fenelon Falls

    Yes, the Ride for Sight 2020 is still on! The date has been moved to September 18-20 in beautiful Fenelon Falls. Check the site for all the details. There should be an official post here soon. The best/easiest way to fundraise is to set up your...
  5. Morrissey

    Motorcycle Tire Recommendations

    I had a set of Pirelli Angel's on my Bandit and LOVED them. I got excellent cornering feedback and confidence from them and they got very good mileage.
  6. Morrissey

    Next upgrade for under 25,s

    You might have some luck with non-SS bikes in the 600cc category like the Suzuki Bandit 600 or a Yamaha FZ6, maybe a Kawasaki Versys 650 or a Suzuki Vstrom 650, but chances are it's still going to cost more than he wants to pay/can pay to ride. He may just have to enjoy the 390 for a few more...
  7. Morrissey

    #42 June 12-14, 2020 Fenelon Falls

    I have seen all kinds at Ride for Sight over the years! As we say, what happens at Ride STAYS at Ride! However I do know these two. One is a buddy and the other is a buddy's son-in-law.
  8. Morrissey

    #42 June 12-14, 2020 Fenelon Falls

    Let it be known, Ride for Sight 2020 WILL happen! In the coming days it will be decided if they will stay with the original June 12-14 date or if the event will be rescheduled for later in the summer but as I said, it WILL happen. Stay tuned to the website of follow them on...
  9. Morrissey

    Do you fit the stereotype for your bike?

    Almost 39yrs old, a few extra lbs in the belly region, a distinguished amount of silver popping up in my beard, family man, half way to a pension, a sore back, no tattoos, hates being lumped in with the "pirate" crowd, enjoys performance but not concerned with being the fastest, always up for a...
  10. Morrissey

    In a post-apocalyptic world, what is your ride?

    Honda CRF230. Dead simple 4 stroke that was absolutely bullet proof and parts will be able to be scrounged everywhere.
  11. Morrissey

    Join the Ride for Sight Online Fundraising Team.

    I'm registered, have joined team GTAM and have raised $165 and counting! BTW, anyone who registers for Ride for Sight and raises the minimum $75 by April 1st will receive FREE BEER!
  12. Morrissey

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    Nothing beats GIVI luggage. I had E41 side cases and a V46 top case (128L) on my Bandit 600. I swapped the V46 onto my ST1300 but I still don't have as much as I did on my Bandit. The factory panniers on an ST are 35L each and the shape, while much more pleasing to the eye, is less convenient...
  13. Morrissey

    Do you use any Maintenance or fuel Apps?

    I'm old school. I bought a small notebook (3"x5") and I simple keep track of my maintenance in it. I don't record fuel mileage. I make an entry every time I mod the bike, perform maintenance or get maintenance done. I include the date, odometre reading, parts/fluids used including part...
  14. Morrissey

    OMG, Can summer hurry up. My bike is calling.

    I'm dying for a ride. I haven't ridden since I crashed at Trail Tours in early July and grenaded my shoulder! It took until November to rehab it enough to be ready to ride and then in November I grenaded my lower back and I'm just starting to feel okay now. It's not 100% but I could ride now...
  15. Morrissey

    Dover, anyone?

    It's a long, boring ride from Peterborough, but it's been so long since I had a ride on a bike if the weather were warmer and the roads cleaner I'd make the trip just to get some vitamin M! In the past when I've had Friday 13th off I will usually plan a ride somewhere else but right now I'd...
  16. Morrissey

    Dover, anyone?

    Just noticed today that it'll be Friday the 13th in less than 2 weeks. Anyone going to dust off their ride and freeze their butts all the way to Dover? My garage is currently frozen shut and probably flooding with the rain today so there is no way I'm going to make it. It's been such a long...
  17. Morrissey

    How do you deal with stupid drivers?

    Back in the day we used to keep a handful of pennies or small washers in a pocket we could reach while riding. If someone was being too aggressive behind us we would grab a few and the reach down and drop them on the road or toss them over our shoulder. The pennies would bounce up and ping off...
  18. Morrissey

    Suggestion for 2 nighter ride on long weekend.

    I'm not help. Every time I get an idea to suggest then plug it into google maps and they're all 3k in 3 days. I've heard of some nice riding in Ohio. Try googling the Windy 9 but you're still looking at an 800km ride on the first and last day. Probably Mt Tremblant and upstate Penn are your...
  19. Morrissey

    Motorcycle Life Expectancy ... guess which brand wins over 25 yr trend?

    As 800 says, you're more motivated to keep a $30k bike maintained and running vs keeping a $5k bike maintained and running over that period of time. Also, while there were mechanical changes to the HD's every so many years (although some engines were not terribly popular) the bikes changed very...
  20. Morrissey

    Contemplating a new ride for 2020. Suggestions?

    Wow! Exhausting playing catch up with this thread but it ended how I figured it would. You're like me, too much of a Japanese fanboy to end up on a Harley. The japanese bikes are just too reliable, too affordable and too good to pass up when you let the big head make the decisions. I guessed...

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