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  1. fzrcraig

    School Bus Stopping at RailwayTracks

    I was reading the "Pedestrian Crossing" posts and it got me thinking of a rant - why is it that school buses are required to stop at railway crossings and open the door? I can only picture this as a knee-jerk political reaction to an accident in the fifties. Times have changed and if railway...
  2. fzrcraig

    2006 GSX-R600 Swingarm - FREE!

    Yup, just help me get it out of my crawl space. It is in excellent condition - way too nice to throw out. Burlington.
  3. fzrcraig

    2006 GSXR600 Swingarm - $10

    Yup, that's right, and it's in excellent condition to boot. Just want it out of my crawlspace and I won't ship it. Burlington.

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