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  1. fzrcraig

    2020 Honda CRF450L Review

    Exactly Honda's problem.
  2. fzrcraig

    suggestions for a small blue plate dual sport

    Sold my KLX250S (300cc kit) last spring - miss it every day.
  3. fzrcraig

    The lies we tell about motorcycles

    In 1986, I bought a new RG500 and brought home with the rear seat cowl on it. My wife enjoys being a passenger, but I explained that I couldn't take her on it as it only had a single seat. One day I was washing it and she was sitting near by, when she asked "what is that?", pointing at one of...
  4. fzrcraig

    Helmet exemption for Sikhs/turbans

    Natural selection.
  5. fzrcraig

    Avoid any Joe Rocket Meteor boots

    Honda's ain't got no soul (sole)!
  6. fzrcraig

    Plasti dip - where to

    I think that I saw it at Princess Auto.
  7. fzrcraig

    Smaller displacement stunt bikes?

    Posting so that I do not have to continue to read "Tom Cruise Can ride" on the main page!
  8. fzrcraig

    FRZ 400 Mechanic

    Drop in an FZR600 engine. Easier to find, not hard to do and more fun.
  9. fzrcraig

    Anyone interested in a James Bay Road trip?

    If I wanted to obey that many rules, I would stay at home with my wife.
  10. fzrcraig

    Amsoil Preferred Customer-Question

    Rotella T6 sells for $21 USD at Autozone or Walmart in the US. Even with the exchange, we are getting f@%$&d.
  11. fzrcraig

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    I have talked to them once or twice and I don't think that that place knows a lot about bikes. My concern about the bike that interested you is that I believe that they are no longer a KTM dealer and where would that leave you in terms of warranty?
  12. fzrcraig

    School Bus Stopping at RailwayTracks

    I was reading the "Pedestrian Crossing" posts and it got me thinking of a rant - why is it that school buses are required to stop at railway crossings and open the door? I can only picture this as a knee-jerk political reaction to an accident in the fifties. Times have changed and if railway...
  13. fzrcraig

    2006 GSX-R600 Swingarm - FREE!

    Yup, just help me get it out of my crawl space. It is in excellent condition - way too nice to throw out. Burlington.
  14. fzrcraig

    2006 GSXR600 Swingarm - $10

    Yup, that's right, and it's in excellent condition to boot. Just want it out of my crawlspace and I won't ship it. Burlington.

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