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  1. psycho44

    small bike versus GTA

    Just got JVC's first sports video camera. I have it mounted to my basket so very shaky plus I didn't tighten the swivel ball. I think I have an idea to dampen the shakes. Anyways was just a 10 minute ride to grab a dozen beef patty around Eglinton and Keele. Came across 2 drivers that were...
  2. psycho44

    dog causes 2 motorcyclists to crash

    Amazing jump to avoid the semi truck. I see the guy that hit the dog and his friend that is helping him both have guns on their left hip.
  3. psycho44

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    I have a whole bunch of videos of me riding in Calgary, Toronto and Asia. All boring. I ride always trying to create a big bubble around me.
  4. psycho44

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    I know md13 got seriously injured. Think he lost some fingers. There was a pretty popular vlogger that committed suicide can't remember his name. And now snowcat. And he did similar things skyrocketing off once the light turned green. In fact he may or may not have caused 1 accident running at a...
  5. psycho44

    TTC bus takes out e-bike

    I know this is not a motorcycle but if it's inappropriate than I'll take it down.
  6. psycho44

    thief shot trying to steal motorcycle

    crazy! Even a bystander brandishes a silver pistol.
  7. psycho44

    instead of wheeling on 403 try this instead
  8. psycho44

    where's gambit?

    Been away from this forum awhile. What happened to Gambit or that lawyer guy from Calgary that liked to take the antagonistic viewpoint of everyone's opinion.
  9. psycho44

    Youtuber charged for careless driving
  10. psycho44

    kid riding motorbike

    Kind of cute, most would say stupid of the adults but whatever. Kid doesn't know how to shift hitting the rear brakes lol.
  11. psycho44

    Richard Dinning Today was exactly 3 years to the day when my dear friend Chris Anderson passed away in a motorcycle accident so I stopped by the Toronto Scooter forum to see if they've made any mention of it...
  12. psycho44

    Alberta's new Drunk Driving Law

    if you thought the Ontario's stunt driving charge was ridiculous this one is even worst. You can lose your house and job without even having your due process all because a machine says you blew just over 0.08. So just a warning for anyone that trucks or visit Alberta if you blow over 0.08 you'll...
  13. psycho44

    Yamaha Demo

    not in Toronto but thought I share it anyways for those interested in FZ6R. Met a video blogger at the demo didn't realize he was blogging must have cut him off a few times lol. and here's me on the VStar 950
  14. psycho44

    petition against left hand turn drivers

    saw this and I just signed it. Lost too many friends on motorcycles to drivers making reckless left hand turns.
  15. psycho44

    Hockey Marathon - 10 days 250 hours These guys are insane trying to set a Guiness record for longest hockey match while trying to raise $1.5 million for cancer research. They can't leave the ice rink for 10.5 days and have to play 250 hours to...
  16. psycho44

    disclosure video going viral - 7 mil viewers in less than a week!

    almost 7 million viewers in less than a week. I think this is somewhere in Alberta. So what does he do with his full disclosure video but posts it on youtube lol. Heard his mom gave him a beating when she saw this video.

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