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  1. TK4

    Szoke gets new sponsor
  2. TK4

    Looking for a mobile tire change person

    Spoked wheels - plug isn't going to help. Its gonna need a tube.
  3. TK4

    Trimming Trees
  4. TK4

    Lithium batteries again....

    Only down a VERY steep hill.
  5. TK4

    Ducati Diavel

    Be insistent - contact DNA directly if they don't step up.
  6. TK4

    Lithium Battery

    Just buy a charger: Battery Tender Jr. Selectable Lead Acid/Lithium Charger -
  7. TK4

    Ontario’s helmet law reversal
  8. TK4

    In a post-apocalyptic world, what is your ride?

    Me too- while constantly searching for the precious 'juice'.
  9. TK4

    Best tires for a 2008 CBR 125r?

    Maybe send a note to Fawaz, he runs a whole fleet of CBR125rs in his school - maybe he can make a recommendation.
  10. TK4

    Best tires for a 2008 CBR 125r?

    Good luck !
  11. TK4

    Best tires for a 2008 CBR 125r?

    In the OEM tire sizes there are not a lot of choices - 80/90-17 and 100/80-17. I've done the research. Find an Avon, Conti or Bridgestone to fit, or pretty much anything else other than IRC and I'll buy you lunch. I ran the Honda CBR125R Challenge Series for 3 seasons, we ended up using...
  12. TK4

    Best tires for a 2008 CBR 125r?

    Its a first generation CBR125R - you don't have a lot of choices and Heidenaus are the best of that limited choice.. Just put the right size tires on and learn how to ride the thing.
  13. TK4

    Best tires for a 2008 CBR 125r?

    K66 is available in the skinny OEM sizes - there is NO advantage to stepping up to a wider tire.
  14. TK4

    Best tires for a 2008 CBR 125r?

    Heidenau makes a really good replacement tire - the K66. Stay with the original sizes, the rims are too narrow for anything wider.
  15. TK4

    Harley-Davidson President resigns

    During the economic meltdown of 2008/2009 the marine business took another huge hit. While Yamaha and Mercury stayed intact, Suzuki tried to dump off its North American operations to Johnson (which were rebadged Suzukis anyway). Then BRP bought Johnson/Evinrude and killed off Johnson leaving...
  16. TK4

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Nicely done but not original paint or chrome- a $1K bike at best.
  17. TK4

    Muffler packing material

    thanks Mike !!!
  18. TK4

  19. TK4

    Muffler packing material

    Vance & Hines, and FMF have baffle repacking material that looks like a densely woven white fiberglass. Has anyone tried either of these products or having any other suggestions other than normal pink house insulation ? I want to take the bark off the MAC 2 into 1 on the XV920R.
  20. TK4

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    He can pay me $100 to drag it away.

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