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    Markham area ride

    I'm a new rider from the Markham area just saying hello!
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    Insurance not possible?

    I picked up the bike in hawkesbury and rode back to Markham yesterday.. it was freezing lol
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    Insurance not possible?

    I know what you mean.. this thing goes over the speed limit with a blip of the throttle.
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    Insurance not possible?

    Not so bad. Finalized and got my insurance papers today. Monthly payment is $333/month. Just a matter of time. To get insured for the first bike. Gain some experience.Your premiums will go down the next time you are shopping around. Extremely excited to go pick up my bike tomorrow.
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    Insurance not possible?

    I was in your shoes 3 years ago except it was way worse. I had my license suspended for stunt driving. Went to court won the case, dropped stunt charges and gave me a speeding under 49km/h. Had 2 speeding tickets prior to this happening. Called around for a quote. Facility quoted me $6000 /...

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