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  1. RacerX

    Riders Choice Trackday May 9th Shanny - Fabi

    Anyone going? Any feedback on the facilities?
  2. RacerX

    Wanted: Brake lever guard and radiator guard for 08-16 R6.

    Brake lever guard and radiator guard for 08-16 R6.
  3. RacerX

    WTB: Looking for a front rim 2008-2016 Yamaha R6

    As titled, with or without rotors. Thanks.
  4. RacerX

    Race Plan

    So I'm planning on racing next season, but I haven't put down a concrete plan. I'm thinking of joining an organization like SOAR (unaware of any others in the region) and maybe do the Racer5 program or a better one if available and then go out there and see what I can do. All...
  5. RacerX

    OK This is Getting Ridiculous

    So I can't find Rotella T6 anywhere. All the oils are either car oils with friction modifiers or motorcycle oils that aren't synthetic. While Motul 7100 is good, it is pretty expensive given that there are alternatives for substantially less. Canadian Tire and Walmart do not have Rotella T6 or...
  6. RacerX

    Winter (Snow) Riding

    Does anyone ride Motocross/dirtbikes in the winter when its snowing, either because they're crazy (good kind of crazy) or to keep their skills sharp, fun etc. If not, would you do it.
  7. RacerX

    Buyers Market Starts......Now?

    I've been doing a bit of research and mostly received advice that up until November would be the best time to buy a motorcycle generally speaking. What in your experiences had been the best time to buy a motorcycle?
  8. RacerX

    Quick Question Regarding License Duration/Insurance

    In order for the time to count towards a better insurance rate in terms of how long you have had the license do you have to have owned and insured a bike? I.E. if I had an M2 for roughly a year but never insured a bike for that duration does that cancel out the fact that I have been M2 licensed...
  9. RacerX

    Where do you get your tires from?

    So I'm about to embark on a new season and looking forward to using a few sets, for both street and track. So where do you find the best deals on street and track tires in Ontario and anyone a fan of ordering tires from Stateside? While we're on the subject of tires, I know that the Metzeler...
  10. RacerX

    Does Being Naked Save you Money?

    Are naked bikes worth going for compared to their faired counterparts for the insurance difference. Would an S1000R be that much cheaper to insure for example? Would appreciate any feedback into this matter as I would prefer a faired later bike but wouldn't mind a street fighter or the like for...
  11. RacerX

    Fastest way to get an M License

    Hi, so I was wondering what the fastest way to get an M license would be, I've researched the topic but getting conflicting info. I already have a foreign license but it doesn't fall under an exchange program so I can get one year's experience for it. Do I go the Drivetest route, or do I take...

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