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  1. matt365

    Tire runout

    How much deflection/runout is acceptable? New set of q3's from petes-superbike. See videos:
  2. matt365

    Velocity Sportsgear

    I contacted Jimmy to get fitted for a custom kangaroo suit in September 2011. It has been nothing but headaches ever since... The first suit fit terribly. The measurements from were interpreted incorrectly at the factory, and there is no way any human being would fit properly in what they...
  3. matt365

    Georgetown: Rider down.

    There was an accident at Guelph St. Hwy. 7 and Sinclair Ave. today around 12:30. My fathers on the fire department, so his pager went off (3 tiered system). Call came through as "car vs. bike." Never a good sign. That intersection is right by my house... No details as of yet... I'm sure...

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