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  1. gqelements

    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Thanks D (LOL)! Are you going to let us introduce you to some trail riding this summer finally?
  2. gqelements

    Is it summer yet? Dreaming of Bethany

    Hey gang, I'm already suffering from winter blues so started editing some footage from the summer. Here's an overview of ODSC Bethany Ride - the season opener ride for many... Is it summer yet? Let me know what you think!
  3. gqelements

    Ganaraska's Lookout Hill closed due to erosion

    ...hopefully Ganaraska authorities have a plan for rehabilitating that area, not just throw up a "No Motorized Vehicles" signs and leaving it for years, like they've done with the other hills that were eroded in the past few years.
  4. gqelements

    Marmora mine to Bancroft

    The only pass I buy is OFTR and Gananraska, and that is only to support the overall efforts in Ontario and be legal in my main weekday riding area (I ride the Ganny at least 3x per month, well into November). Everywhere else, I just carry cash and when stopped by a warden pull a long face after...
  5. gqelements

    Machinist for small bike jobs?

    @Rob Star Awesome, sent you a PM with my number.
  6. gqelements

    Machinist for small bike jobs?

    Hey guys, does anyone know a machinist that can do small touch-up jobs? I have a brake lever set that does not account for the the collar of the spacer/sleeve and also for some reason has the return spring slot cut too narrow... hoping to get those cut in / enlarged so not to have to throw out...
  7. gqelements

    Backroad adventure

    Interesting set of roads... how much if a road is Arcol? Is it proper dirt road traveled by cottagers or wide trail, similar to Pencil lake road for instance? Hydro Line Road makes it sounds like hydroline trails, which sounds exciting...
  8. gqelements

    ADV and Enduro Riding in Ontario

    Thought I'd start doing something with all the riding footage hopelessly accumulating space on my OneDrive. Here's the first attempt from a weekday ride in Ganaraska Forrest. Let me know what you think!
  9. gqelements

    2020 Yamahas

    Maybe we'll get a street-able WR450R before the T700 comes to North American dealerships... ...that would be the day.
  10. gqelements

    Green Plate Petition

    Email sent! HOWEVER it would be nice to give GREEN and BLUE plate bikes the same access/rights as ATVs a number of trails in Ontario are still 'ATV Only'. In fact, really don't know why ATV and OFTR associations are separate entities. Both activities are so similar and deal with the same land...
  11. gqelements

    Beta RRS Motorcycles Street Legal?

    They are legally set-up with MTO as Blue Plate, but insurance database still has them classified as off-road vehicles.... So, you can register them with blue plate at the MTO/DMV no problem, but some insurance conpanies will have them listed as a dirt bike only (the agent will get allmconfused...
  12. gqelements

    Easter Weekend Bethany Ride 2019

    This Rain / Snow combo we're enjoying this aft. is making me feel I should not cheap out and replace my 1/2 worn tires before the 20th! This means I have 19days to ditch the studs and kill off the current rubber... :)
  13. gqelements

    Metal laser cutting (and bending) in Toronto

    Whichever is fine... :) Just need t make a mounting platform that has cut-outs for ignition and indicator lights...
  14. gqelements

    Metal laser cutting (and bending) in Toronto

    Hi gang, any recommendations for a small shop that can: 1) laser cut a metal dash bracket ( from 2-3mm steel sheet) based on a vector file? or 2) can help cut and bend an existing dash bracket to fit new application.. I assume 2) is much more common capability than 1), but thought i'd ask for...
  15. gqelements

    Motorcycle Catchers

    Tried my hand at it in Peru at this year's Dakar when someof the riders found an apparent 'shortcut' out of a river bed they were supposed to be following... A few riders didn't fair too well going up the bank... Had to get the F out of the way when a quad tried the same approach...then the ASO...
  16. gqelements

    Printing graphics

    Hello, I'm new to racing and am looking to print my number plate (not doing the full bike just the number plate graphics for the front and sides). Can anyone suggest a place to take my design in the city? I'm in North York if there is anything in the North End... Thanks in advance!
  17. gqelements

    Riding near Grimsby

    Does anyone know of any trails near Grimsby? Thanks in advance!
  18. gqelements

    Salesfloor comission on new bikes

    Does anyone know aprox. how much salesperson commission is typically paid out on Japanese bikes? I have an opportunity to call in a favor from a friend high up at a dealership on a bike I want (but consider overpriced) and want to know if it's even worth it to bother my contact or just buy a...
  19. gqelements

    Sightseeing on the way to Washington DC

    Hey guys, I have to take a one-day trip to Washington DC and thinking of taking the bike... Can anyone recommenced any points I should incorporate in my trip plan? I've ridden to Renovo in PA (now long ago, before giving up on on-tarmac road trips) but not much further East. Looking for routes...
  20. gqelements

    Furnaces... Damn them!

    Furnace is acting up... Everything works, but the basement furnace won't blow hot air/activate when thermostat is in 'auto' mode... ie, even though the temp on the thermostat is clearly below the 'HOLD" or "Schedule" setting (even by 10 degrees, I tried going extreme) hot air won't kick in. I...

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