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  1. shanekingsley


    This is us. Offered to waive this months rent to our good tenant, but can't afford that for too long.
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    Awe man the onion is some funny stuff. they have some good writers - I mean ventilator pipelines?!?!
  3. shanekingsley


    Lack of personal responsibility is why the government has stepped in.
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    it was necessary to write that post
  5. shanekingsley

    Help Me Choose a 3 Week Route

    Just finished season 3 last night - this is a pretty good show! I think I'll make a trip down to the Ozarks - lots of twisty roads over there.
  6. shanekingsley

    Help Me Choose a 3 Week Route

    If you are looking to get into it, then there's a few good threads on here about it:
  7. shanekingsley


    About 8 years ago I was looking for a more challenging and stimulating job. At the time I was making around $50k/yr as a gardener. I was told to apply to Pusateri's since they were looking for a manager of the floral shop on Avenue Rd. I was a little leery of this because they had gone through a...
  8. shanekingsley

    The Reasonably Priced Used Motorcycles for Sale Thread

    I've seen that bike in person and she's a beauty. The colour looks really great, especially on sunny days. New owner will be very happy with it. Good luck with your sale!
  9. shanekingsley

    The 100% Covid19 free riding reminiscing thread.

    Rather than further derail this excellent idea for a thread - let's bring it back. One of my favourite pics that I have taken of a nice road. Many of us have ridden many nice roads, but usually getting that photo which really embodies what you are experiencing from that road is very difficult.
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  11. shanekingsley

    Help Me Choose a 3 Week Route

    This ride was done 7yrs ago, but the roads and places remain. Gas was $1.44/l back then! For my 3 week ride - a ride along the north shore of the St. Lawrence, then to/from Manic Cinq and then...
  12. shanekingsley

    The 100% Covid19 free riding reminiscing thread.

    Riding highlight last year for me was down in the Smoky's, teaching this little runt how to ride. Ride report is here if you are bored: Ride Report: Another rip into the Smoky's
  13. shanekingsley


    Can someone please post up an easy to follow link of COVID-19 projections for Ontario - maybe with some graphs or something? I realize it's projections and conjecture, but I know that their predictive models should give a decent idea. I'm not looking for anything too technical, but simple and...
  14. shanekingsley

    Hot summer day sensation.

    then tell us how you are faring
  15. shanekingsley

    Anybody tired of the Teacher's Strikes?

    Haters gonna hate no matter what they ate.
  16. shanekingsley

    Are you considered Essential to your employer?

    I'm essential and at work every day and it's very busy because many are off. I have no issues with these many being off, if this is what the various health agencies are suggesting. I can understand why some might be unhappy. There is a great deal of ever changing information and workplace...
  17. shanekingsley

    Who's still riding? (Fall & Winter 2019 Edition)

    I used these for my first few years of riding and they did a good job in a pinch when I was out longer than expected or if the temps suddenly dropped. They were also handy enough to keep a couple packs in my jacket or somewhere on my bike. Since my fingers and toes get cold really easily, I need...
  18. shanekingsley

    Rider with back home experience and don't need to wait for 18 months for M but having some challenges

    Agree with this too. There are many people in the same situation as yourself and they will often find that taking an M1 exit course will also get them an insurance reduction equal to the price of the course itself. Lastly, there is the added benefit of taking some instruction that will help to...

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