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  1. Supernam

    Bike options for 5f 90lb rider

    My wife is very similar in size and she was going to get a Grom or Z125, but she rode one for the M1exit course at Centennial College and did not like it. She ended up buying a 2019 Honda CB300R which is a sporty naked bike and only 315 lbs with a full tank of fuel. We did have to get it...
  2. Supernam

    Quit our jobs, sold our home and everything in it, gone riding...

    I started riding 7 years ago, and the main reason I started coming to GTAM was to read the updates about your trip. I sent you a PM back then to let you know and still to this day, the 2 of you inspire my wife and I to tour on motorcycles. There is nothing like travelling and sharing all the...
  3. Supernam

    Day trips 2019

    That is a great picture. I really like the bike with that tan colour.
  4. Supernam

    Track leathers

    I know exactly what you mean. [emoji2959] [emoji894][emoji514][emoji507]
  5. Supernam

    Some trail riding questions

    Pay an annual fee and ride as much as you want at Ganny, it is only 1 hr or less from Scarborough. I believe it is $180 now.
  6. Supernam

    4-5 days PA and Skyline Drive - Corning and AeroSpace

    Is it something wrong with my Google Maps or are you skipping Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway on this trip? Skyline Drive has been freshly paved recently and is one of the smoothest scenic rides I’ve been to recently.
  7. Supernam

    Both coasts in one year...maybe.... one down left.

    I really wanted the Madstat for a really long time, but I had a bad experience with buffeting in the past and did not want to risk it due to the cost of the entire system. All the reviews are great and the adjustability is a great feature. Also, I do not want to crash off-road with that one...
  8. Supernam

    Both coasts in one year...maybe.... one down left.

    My 2013 bike is set up to ride off-road initially with TKC80 tires and I had them on for my Virginia trip, but I did add what is necessary for touring and just changed to Q3+ tires to try something different. I think mine is set up perfectly for me, but I really want the 2019 with the 19”...
  9. Supernam

    Both coasts in one year...maybe.... one down left.

    I definitely agree with you on the CB500X being a solid bike for touring, I really love mine. I was reading about all your trip to the west coast on this bike while at the same time I was riding through PA to Skyline Drive and BRP. Now you are in PA while I am riding back from my...
  10. Supernam

    Single Rider Motorcycles are now allowed in Ontario HOV lanes

    I am sure it helped. It shows that if you want something done, it is best to not stand around and wait for someone else to do it. Thanks for bringing this issue up to all those people.
  11. Supernam

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    “Live free or die” is New Hampshire’s motto. Vermont encourages helmet use and they even give out stickers that say “Ride PHAT” which stands for Protect your Head at All Times, I have it on my bike. HELMET USE. The law does not require helmets in Vermont. However, the Montpelier Bikes group...
  12. Supernam

    Housing costs

    How would you prove what you can do as a mail clerk? Would they be given other special projects as well and work for free?
  13. Supernam

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    Would you happen know to what is covered for the dirt bikes? Is it the entire bike?
  14. Supernam

    Horrible experience with Sena 30k

    You are right about the newer models. I am sure GP Bikes would help you, if not, I would sure like to know about that.
  15. Supernam

    Horrible experience with Sena 30k

    You don’t see too many bad reviews about the Sena communicator. I only have the SMH10 and have been using the same 2 units since 2013 to now and still have none of those issues you just described. I only use it with 2 people. Did you buy the units brand new? If you did, I would say one of the...
  16. Supernam

    Demo Days 2019

    The 1000cc Africa Twin was there. I ride the CRF450L and it was surprisingly good on the street, I am considering buying it.
  17. Supernam

    June heading west 3 weeks +

    I assume that is without camping gear? It is true people take too much. Macdoc, will you be carrying camping gear with your current setup? I don’t recall reading that you camped on this west coast trip.
  18. Supernam

    Demo Days 2019

    Markham Outdoor Honda Demo ride is today Saturday June 22nd 2019. May need to call to book a bike/time to test them.
  19. Supernam

    June heading west 3 weeks +

    The Givi V35’s hug the bike closely and does not look so wide. I’m not sure if you mentioned anything about the seat on this trip? Did you just have the stock seat? Did you use an Airhawk or Beadrider? I’ve taken extended vacations with the stock seat only and am really surprised that there...
  20. Supernam

    Versys 300 or cb500x

    While I’ve never ridden a Versys X300, I did own a Ninja 300 and a CB500X at the same time. The CB500X is by far the better bike if you intend on riding highways or having a passenger/luggage. The X300 is 45 lbs lighter which can be good or bad depending. It all depends on what type of riding...

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