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  1. basmn


    What a weak an wimpy response from our PM today.. A plane full of people coming in and he states that all will be SELF quarantined.....he should lock these people up no holds barred.......what a wimpy response. Our PM is a .......
  2. basmn

    2020 MotoGP Discussion (NO LINKS)

    Well we have mosport....bring em here 😁
  3. basmn

    Documentary on Dani Pedrosa

    Always appreciated that guys attitude...very down to earth and humble...not like that little prick of a team mate he had..
  4. basmn

    Merry Christmas to all !

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all...... Yes..."MERRY CHRISTMAS " 😉
  5. basmn

    How to bring a dead lead acid battery back to life

    I wouldn't drink the well water in that area 😜
  6. basmn

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    A true in justice done to that poor CBX...owner should have his licence revoked..then be shot by children with water guns....
  7. basmn

    Best heated gloves?

    Not cheap. Wife has a pair and loves them. RADIATOR GTX Men’s Heated Gloves by Zanier. At Costco
  8. basmn

    Is helmet theft/ vandalism a thing in Toronto?

    MovE away from Toronto...problem solved
  9. basmn

    Why I'd buy another Honda

    Good on you for anal maintenance...I change my oil every 2k.....I have NEVER trashed a motor vehicle because of engine problems...."pay me now or pay me later " as they say
  10. basmn

    Canada Votes 2019

    Were ficked...Turd do is stupid are we ?
  11. basmn

    Canada Votes 2019

    If TURD DO wins I'm handing in my canadian citizenship and applying for refugee benefits will be better. Sad but true...
  12. basmn

    Mechanic's Stethoscope helpful?

    I use a length of 1/2" hollow pipe...tape the end so as not to scratch the parts
  13. basmn

    Honda engine rebuilders in Toronto

    So back to recommended engine shops please
  14. basmn

    Honda engine rebuilders in Toronto

    Previous owner tried with some sort of sealant and a hose clamp..there may be a piece that broke off and the clamp may be holding it on...I'm trying to talk the owner into letting me try to fix it b4 buying the new cover. Belongs to a friend of one of my boys.i would like to try to repair it...
  15. basmn

    Honda engine rebuilders in Toronto

    L side casing cracked at the drain needs replaced
  16. basmn

    Honda engine rebuilders in Toronto

    Any recommendations on an engine rebuilder in Toronto that does quality work at reasonable rates.Got a 400 cc Honda quad engine that need to be done.
  17. basmn

    Who has better rate for off road?

    Nichole Mccann also in Newmarket.....same deal.been dealing with them for 5yrs now.. Nicole McCann, Desjardins Insurance Agent in Newmarket, ON
  18. basmn

    MTO survey is up for 400 series increased speed limits

    I guess everyone will be getting away with 125 mph now....funny thing when I'm out of town on the 401 every body is going 115 - soon as you get close to the gta...everyone speeds up in the congestion...I always go by the rule...less traffic higher speeds....moving in the packed gta...
  19. basmn

    BMW 1000rr Factory documentary

  20. basmn

    GP bikes and Bell helmets

    Got a Bell mag 9 sena that I bought at the last bike show from GP not long ago I go to flip the lever for the sun comes off in my ahold of Daryl at GP....long story short...the parts were unobtainable at the time Bell sent me a NEW helmet....way to go...

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