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  1. anterabae

    Rider injured British Columbia and Lakeshore

    GWS rider Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  2. anterabae

    Pushing the bike lane limits...

    Not the first time I've seen this bike parked here, in the bike lane on Bloor between Yonge and Church. [emoji849] Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  3. anterabae

    Rider down at O'Connor and Sandra (St Clair)

    Not sure the model, all I caught is it's a white sportsbike. Doesn't look promising, bike was partly under a car. Paramedics on scene. Best wishes rider, hoping for good news. Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  4. anterabae

    Rider sideswiped at O'Connor and St Clair

    Saw a Honda CBR parked up on the sidewalk on the NW side of O'Connor and St Clair, and paramedics blocking the road. By the looks of the bike it didn't seem too serious, which the news story seems to confirm. But yet another hit and run...
  5. anterabae

    Ram mount no match for Eglinton construction

    Anyone who rides Eglinton eastbound through Warden beware, there's a nasty hole in the leftmost non-turning lane right at the intersection. My morning commute takes me east along Eglinton from O'Connor to just east of Warden. Normally I'm in the HOV lane, or I turn right on to Warden. This...
  6. anterabae

    Any other Zero riders?

    Just picked up my new ride yesterday; a Zero DS 13.0. Curious if anyone else here has one! This is Stormfly. She's already been getting a lot of attention on my ride yesterday. Everywhere we stopped people came by to check her out. [emoji41] If you see us out, come say hi! Sent from my HTC U11...
  7. anterabae

    Rider down Lakeshore Blvd and Dan Leckie

    From Toronto Police COLLISION:Lake Shore Bl + Dan Leckie-Car and motorcycle-Motorcyclist with head injury-Unknown how serious It's a shitshow around there atm with the Ex .. stay safe everyone. GWS rider
  8. anterabae

    Another new(ish) chica finally saying hi!

    Hi everyone! Been riding for a few years now but not a lot - work used to send me away for a month at a time during the riding season so I never really got out much. Ditched that job, now I'm a homebody so looking forward to finally actually getting to spend some time on my wheels! Based...

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