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  1. Supernam

    Green Plate Petition

    Check your email from OFTR or go here and help get green plate dirt bikes get the same rights as ATV's to ride on the shoulder of rural roads.
  2. Supernam

    Joe Rcket Women's Textile Pants

    Like new condition Size XS $40 firm
  3. Supernam

    Five RFX3 Leather Gloves

  4. Supernam

    Nolan N103 Modular Helmet Size Small

  5. Supernam

    Joe Rocket Speedmaster One Piece Suit Size 36

  6. Supernam

    Icon Overlord Leather Jacket Size Medium

    Very good condition Perforated for good air flow $160 firm This model has been replaced by the Hypersport Jacket which is $569 new from Fortnine.
  7. Supernam

    Calabogie Trackdays

    Well I am back to trying trackdays again. My initial plan to race the RACE/CSBK 300 series didn't work out because I started riding a lot more dualsport, singletrack and will be doing MX this year as well. However, I still want the track experience occasionally. So Face and I have rented track...
  8. Supernam

    Roaming Rally 2017

    Plans have already started and I can feel the excitement about this great event from my fellow riders. I signed up and paid for it last year but did not get to go, I am hoping this year will be my first time. I might need a proper bike. Anyone else planning on going this year or have some great...
  9. Supernam

    Offroad Ontario/World Enduro Canada

    Are there any members in here? I know they have a website/forum of their own but I am curious if anyone here races with them. I am planning on bringing my YZ250FX out this year.
  10. Supernam

    Wasp Jak'D Action Camera

    What I like about my Wasp Jak'd camera is that I can plug it into a USB port to power it nonstop, you don't have to worry about battery life. It has a looping feature and a screen in the back. Oh and it's cheap too. $150 no tax at Royal Distributing when I bought it. If anyone is looking for...
  11. Supernam

    Looking for advice

    I have a video here of me riding at the FAST Riding School Phase 2 this past summer and was wondering if anyone has time to watch to give me advice on what I may be doing right or wrong. I am 5'7" 150 lbs without gear, riding a stock Ninja 300 ABS with race fairings. I set the tire pressure to...
  12. Supernam

    Inspirational video
  13. Supernam

    Why so many accidents in Hamilton?

    Are there a lot more riders out that way? Nicer roads for aggressive riding? More open roads for excessive speeding? Bad driver's? Just curious because there seems to be more there.
  14. Supernam

    Creemore Video

    Winter is coming, so people will need something to do. Here is a video of Alon showing me around Creemore, I changed it a bit from the other thread.
  15. Supernam

    Do you wear protective gear?

    I am the type of person who always wear full gear for the street. So that got me thinking when Alon mention about getting some protective off pavement gear, which I have none of at the moment. Why don't I wear the appropriate protective gear off pavement? I didn't have an answer so I went out...
  16. Supernam

    Poll: R3 vs Ninja 300 vs CBR300 track bike

    Just wanted an idea of what people think about the pros and cons of each.
  17. Supernam

    300cc Track Bike?

    How long do you think you would be able to ride a 300cc track bike before you need to ride the 600's? I'm a noob at the track and rode a CBR125 for 1 day at the Intro to Track course. I didn't mind the 125 but of course would like to go a bit faster to not hold anyone back. Trying to decide if...
  18. Supernam

    OFTR(Ontario Federation of Trail Riders), ODSC(Ontario Dual Sport Club) and SCORRA

    I recently signed up to be a member of OFTR and ODSC and was just wondering if there is a dedicated thread on this site for members. The ODSC forum is not that active right now, the SCORRA forum seems a little more active but not as active as this forum. I was just wondering if most OFTR members...
  19. Supernam

    Time to introduce myself

    My name is Nam and I started riding last summer. I have been lurking on this forum every since and have found a lot of great advice/info here. The story is I bought a 2012 Honda Shadow Phantom as my first bike and rode the thing to Cabot Trail 2up with my wife, camping along the way for 3...

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