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    VRRA at Calabogie

    I went to the VRRA event on Sunday at Calabogie. I have to say, the VRRA do put on a really good show and I’m a huge fan of their P1 and P2 classes. It’s really nice to see machines from that era being used in earnest, and not just sitting in a garage collecting dust. The nice thing about the...
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    Recommendations on a shop that can make a custom mid pipe

    Hi. My father in law has an ES750 Suzuki and the pipes are completely rotten. The most common mod is to get a Delkevic for a GS750 as the headers are identical and to get a custom mid pipe made. Has anyone any recommendations of a shop that could do this? I'm assuming a custom muffler shop...
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    Viton O-Rings in Toronto

    Is there a place that sells Viton O-Rings in Toronto. I need a couple of -206 ("Dash 206") O-Rings for my GPZ550. They are used to seal the oil passage between the Cylinder and the Head and the one on the right has started weeping. Apparently its a weak spot with these motors. I could just...
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    Bank Recommendations

    When I lived in Vancouver I used to bank with the Canadian Western Bank. They are a small provincial bank in BC but had amazing service, low fees, and everyone was very friendly and trustworthy. I travel a lot with work and never once had an issue with using ATM's with their bank card or their...
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    Welding Gas - Argon CO2 mix

    I need to do a couple of small mods to my trailer but am out of gas on my MIG. I need to weld on brackets to bolt on a lockable aluminum storage box I have a 40cf Hobart tank and when I lived in Vancouver I could just take it to KMS and they would fill it - they were very hobbyist friendly...
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    My son is doing his first restore - a 1972 CB350 K4 Given the popularity of these bikes I’m surprised that Honda don’t stock a lot more parts. Most are NLA including a lot of the Gaskets. I have a friend that loves CB350’s and has built quite a few for the VRRA and AHRMA. He recommended...
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    TDot Performance - Horrible Experience

    What a terrible experience. I bought a set of ARP Nuts and Studs from these guys. The impression they give you is that they actually keep the parts in stock. But what they won’t tell you is they have no stock, at least until after they have your money. They send you a commit to buy email...
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    Machine shop to make a couple of spacers.

    I'm into the home stretch with my winter project... already... LOL I'm replacing the standard cast wheels (because new ones came with the project and look much nicer) with a set of spoked rims and since the new front hub is off a Kawasaki I need a to get a new set of spacers made. They need...
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    Where to buy 8mm x 1.25 12 Point Nuts?

    I'm working on my winter project (YSR-50) and I got an aftermarket big bore cylinder for it. It was part of the spares I got when I bought the bike. Unfortunately the standard 12mm head flange nuts will not work to bolt down the barrel as the casting is much bigger than OEM. I can't push the...
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    Anodizing in GTA

    I'm really making some good progress on my winter project and I bought a couple of little billet pieces to replace some old cruddy pitted aluminium castings. They were originally black so I'd like to get them Anodized. Can anyone recommend a place that will do small pieces like 8"x6"x1" or...
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    Kijiji Notifications

    Is there anyway to set an alert on Kijiji but exclude a particular advertiser/poster? I'm keeping my eye out for an RZ project and some parts, but 99% of the posts are from Chifor Racing and its all complete junk at two or three times the price of stuff that I can still walk into Snow City and...
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    YSR 80 winter project body work painted – some questions about Powder Coating

    I’m making a lot of headway on my little YSR 80 and did the paint on the weekend. I was able to use my friend Sid’s booth as his shop is closed Saturday and Sunday. On his recommendation I ended up buying Proform base and clear (I just ended up using his epoxy and high build primers as he has...
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    Ninja 300 swinging arm dimensions

    This may be a bit of a long shot but does anyone know or could measure the distance between the swing arm legs at the rear axle? I believe the 250 is also the same size Thanks in advance...
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    Do people really fall for this... LOL

    Was out for a ride this this morning and pull over for a coffee. I go to check my messages and get this from an Outlook email address... I know Wildebeest557 is your passphrase. Lets get right to purpose. Neither anyone has compensated me to investigate you. You may not know me and you're...
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    Custom mixed paint question for the paint Guru’s

    I bought a little YSR80 many years ago and I’m going to have some time over this fall and winter to try and fix it up. I bought a fairing and a seat from Airtech a few years back and have already fitted it to the bike but I’d like to get it painted. Its hopefully going to look like this when...
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    Is Jimmy still doing leather gear or is he focused 100% on the heated clothing business now. I sent him an email but got no response
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    Ceramic Coating

    Is Mike at Brightside still doing coating? I just keep getting voicemail. I was very happy with the last header he did for me Anyone else in the GTA that you could recommend? Thanks
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    Carb Setup on Dyno

    So I'm finally getting close to finishing up my GPZ (pictures to follow). I'm running a set of 26mm Keihin CR Specials and a Wolf 4:1 pipe (Gary Wolf from Guelph/Waterloo area) so it has that period look and sound but its definitely running rich. I was wondering if someone in the GTA still...
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    World Cup...

    Just watched the Portugal/Spain game. It was actually a very good match. I'd like to see either Spain or Portugal end up winning, although I think Germany and Brazil will be up there as well. May see a bit of an upset in Group G. Belgium are playing really well at the moment so that's not a...
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    Shoulder/Elbow Armour Replacement Recommendations

    I just had some repairs done to my suit and was thinking of replacing the armour in the Shoulders and Elbows. Its alpine stars and the armour its self is original. Its mainly for track so Level2 preferred... Any recommendations? Thanks in Advance

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