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    Yamaha FZ-10 Details released today, April 12.

    Two colours available Black and Grey/Fluorescent Green. Base price (Black) is $15,499 with the fluoro model at $300 more. Check after approximately 12:00 today, for all the specs. Edit.. link
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    Ermax body parts for Yamaha FZ09/FZ07

    To be honest I was a little skeptical about these aftermarket body parts. The company (which is out of France) claimed that the paint match was "exact"... and our sales manager vouched for them. I wanted to see for myself, so I took a chance with a hard colour to match, metallic and pearl: Deep...
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    Service Manager and Head Technician

    Hello all, I have followed GTAM for a while and thought I should at step out of the shadows and introduce myself. I am the Service Manager and Head Technician at Oakville Yamaha. I look forward to sharing info and learning from the huge pool of knowledge this forum contains. Luke Pakkala

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