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    The Motorcycle Education Game

    The big 4 Japanese manufacturers all released at least one factory turbo bike. Name 1 turbo bike from each of the companies and the year for each.
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    New Harley Streetfighter

    Did somebody forget to put the side cover on under the seat? It looks unfinished?
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    Zero Electric Sportbike

    I don't understand making a promotional video of a motorcycle without actually letting you see the motorcycle.
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    What did you do in your garage today..?

    It is a Nitrous bottle. I don't think I have any room for fire suppression.
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    What did you do in your garage today..?

    Finally getting around to wiring and figuring out the bodywork on the lifelong project...
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Collectors Virago - $6000
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    FJ600 Project

    A few pictures today, just to give a better idea of where this project currently sits. Here are a couple pictures from the front axle of the exhaust system including the turbo. You can see the exhaust exiting out the left side of the bike in the second picture. I need to build a pipe from...
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    FJ600 Project

    Here is a picture of my FJ before I started the latest rounds of modifications. I had already put it through a significant transformation as it looked nothing like a stock FJ600. Some of the changes at this point were: 1) gas tank from an 1982 CBX550 (only because it fit fairly easy on the FJ...
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    FJ600 Project

    Here is a picture of a project that has been in the works for years that I am finally rebooting. My goal is to be roadworthy by June 1, 2018. Here's what has been done so far: - Motor : 1984 FJ600 bored out to 652cc with Megacycle cams - Front End : GSXR - not sure what size or year -...

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